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What methods do non-technical people use to build a website for their business?

Do you use a tool - like webflow or any other landing page builder? Or is it outsources? Do you usually do a lot of customisation or are you happy with just any good looking website?
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@iamsooraj Wix / Squarespace are the common ones I've seen used by my friends to build out websites. However, I've also seen a lot of my family get burnt by outsourcing work to agencies to build WordPress websites.
@iamsooraj @sai_grsh +1 to Wix. Been using it off late, it is miles ahead of Squarespace and is extremely easy to use.
@iamsooraj Big fan of Wix. If you want to get fancier, they have a whole suite of features through Wix Code ( I've found it to be a lot better for my needs than Weebly and Landingi, which I tried briefly.
@iamsooraj There is also if you need full guidance (you discuss with a robot who builds the website for you). Super for those with zero technical expertise.
@iamsooraj You should try if you haven't so far! Affordable pricing to setup your own website/blog without coding skills, solid customer support and the ability to manage your website easily using mobile apps. The Premium plan bundles all the premium themes for free, which means, you get all the themes on for free. These themes are rather easy to setup and customize - and, are meant for any purpose! I work for Automattic, the parent of, and I am happy to help if you have any questions!
@iamsooraj is Mac only but very visual and very customizable
@iamsooraj for a startup or small business website, a one-page website may be enough. I developed PageXL for this purpose (
@iamsooraj for me the combination of Elementor and Wordpress 5.0
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