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What are some of the must have apps for the iPhone X?

I just got myself the new iPhone X and am looking for apps that are tailor made for it.
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    New Twitter Apps

    All new design for Twitter's mobile apps

    good way to connect
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    A premium camera for your phone

    Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluFreelance Designer Β· Written
    Definitely, a must-have for your photos!
    • Michael Lachowski
      Michael LachowskiMaking and promoting art

      Being able to fully address things like RAW file format, auto/manual settings, and manual focus quickly and easily before you take a photo might mean little or no editing afterwards. The interface is really elegant, so much so that I'm not sure if I'm missing some functionality because I haven't discovered it yet. As I am using it, it's for having lots of control in capture.

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    Darkroom 3

    The fastest and most powerful photo editor for iPhone

    Antoine Plu
    Antoine PluFreelance Designer Β· Written
    Along with Halide, great combination πŸ‘πŸ»
    • Tim Van Damme
      Tim Van DammeDesigner at Dropbox

      Been using Darkroom ever since the very first beta (personal connection with the developer), and it's been consistently solid. For some things I might open Snapseed (healing, face enhancement, adding grain), but I keep coming back to Darkroom in the end.

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    • Gopal Sharma
      Gopal SharmaOrganic Programmer

      I've been using Darkroom for quite a while now, and it is the photo editing app on iOS that I recommend to everyone. This, and Touch Retouch are now the only two photo editing apps left on my phone.

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  4. avjinder
    avjinderMobile Software Dev, Core Innovation. Β· Written
    - Pure Dark Mode for the AMOLED screen - Uses the iPhone X top ears for loaders and volume sliders. - There are a ton of very intuitive swipes and gestures, that feel at home on the iPhone X. Overall, the app is really well made.
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    Tweetbot 4

    The Twitter app w/ personality, reimagined for iOS 9 & iPad

    Best Twitter app ever.
    Diego Jimenez
    Diego Jimenez3Principal Product Designer @LonelyPlanet Β· Written
    Hands down the best Twitter client for iOS. Simple and powerful.
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    Full manual camera with RAW support for iPhone

    Alex Sieroshtan
    Alex SieroshtanSoftware developer Β· Written
    Alex Sieroshtan made this product
    To get the most use out of your iPhone X's excellent camera.
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    Your personal ovulation and fertility assistant

    Aditi Kandoi
    Aditi Kandoiexplore and share new technology. Β· Written
    Definitely a must app to find the best days & fertile period to plan and avoid pregnancy with the most accurate fertility prediction of the ovulation day
    • Aditi Kandoi
      Aditi Kandoiexplore and share new technology.

      ElaWoman App is by far the most precise ovulation tracker. Helped me to get pregnant within 2 months of use. ElaWoman's dietician also helped me to keep my weight on track during pregnancy. Just awesome ELA! Loved the ovulation app. Really good features. Must download for those who wants to to get pregnant. It is a true health tracker for every woman.

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    WYD (What You Doing)

    Emoji maps πŸ—ΊπŸ“

    Jason Buchel made this product
    Check us out! We just launched today and I specifically made WYD with the iPhone X in mind. I wanted to design something that fully utilized the beautiful X screen with minimal clutter.
    • Will Over
      Will OverSoftware Engineer

      Cool concept, have a look at the speculation with Apple at the moment as this will have very big impact on your design. They're rejecting apps when in review for the use of Emoji's in app.

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    StopAd PRO

    The ultimate ad blocker for Windows and Mac.

    Kristina Zagorulko
    Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer Β· Written
    Kristina Zagorulko made this product
    We've just launched our app for Mac, but we also have IOS app. It was the first app I install on my iPhone X, because it save me from stupid ads and save my battery too)
    • Marko Nykoliuk
      Marko NykoliukIdeation Lead Link, ZEO Alliance

      works perfectly in all browsers on my Mac and in Safari on my iPhone, protecting my nervous system from the most dreadful thing in the world – mobile popups :)

      also, they've got some awesome content on their blog about the advertising industry and the modern internet in general!

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    • Despite StopAd's persistent protestations when I connected with them through their live chat, this app breaks a significant number of your apps, sites, etc. Even basic functions like logging in were broken for many sites, on both Safari and Chrome. StopAd annoyingly insisted each time I reached out to them that it was not their application, although every single time, the issue was immediately resolved after disabling StopAd.

      The final straw, however, was when I realized it broke my VPNs. When I connected to either Nord or VPN Unlimited, I could no longer reach any sites. I reached out to StopAd to request information on how to properly uninstall to isolate the issue and see if StopAd was the culprit. Even though I was hit with the refrain of "It's not StopAd," I insisted on getting the removal instructions.

      Lo and behold, the second I uninstalled StopAd, *poof* everything worked again. The VPNs were operational again.. Note: if you used the browser extensions, it seemed to pipe things through without issue, but if you used the system wide VPN, I wasn't able to visit any sites so it is related to the way StopAd intercepts/proxies the connection to work its "magic."

      Most importantly, though, although it did work with applications beyond just the browsers, it was no more effective than extensions like uBlock - which has the added benefit of not having any idle CPU usage. I simply don't understand what the value add is. With the monthly fee, you're far better off getting a VPN subscription that has its own ad/tracker blocker like Nord. Combined with uBlock, you're more secure and have system wide blocking.

      The persistent issues, deflection by support, cpu footprint and seeming incompatibility with VPN make this one to avoid, especially with the existing alternatives that already exist.

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    Thermometer X & Hygrometer App

    Just the weather infos you need - No more nonsense.

    CODE K, Christian K.
    CODE K, Christian K.Beautiful. Simple. Apps. - by CODE K Β· Written
    CODE K, Christian K. made this product
    If you like simplicity & full black mode for weather then I can definitely suggest you my app ;-)