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Daniel WybCo-founder @pepperfilters.com

How do you collect design inspiration you find around the web?

Sometimes I see a great ui design/style/color that I want to keep around as inspiration. Any recommendations?
21 recommended
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Nate SandenEntrepeneur, 1s0s.com Β· Written
    Also greenshot... print screen, paste in evernote, bam, done
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    Raindrop.io 3.0

    Smart bookmark manager

    Jeff DashleyWeb Designer/Developer Β· Written
    Been searching for the same thing with the ability to share everything across devices. Raindrop seems pretty promising.
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    Pinterest Explore

    Explore trending interests and videos, updated daily

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver Β· Written
    Pinterest is quite an obvious choice for something like this. I'm quite a heavy pinterest user, I collect inspiration from around the web, create different pin boards depending on categories.
  4. Personally, I enjoy using an app called NoteLedge when I'm browsing Pinterest or other similar web-sites, and I use the web-clipper tool to import digital content that I can later sort by individual folders. I've used this app when I was renovating my kitchen (ideas/inspiration from both Pinterest and Houzz), and when I was helping my sister with planning her wedding and her baby shower. I find this app quite multi-functional and enjoyable - it's easy to collect ideas, brainstorm color schemes, create to-do lists and share everything, while also having all your folders synced across your devices. It definitely helped me stay on top of things and it's always nice to browse through your collected digital content and get inspired all over again.
    Harry RyanFront-end Developer Β· Written
    Before using NoteLedge, I'd just make screenshots of things I liked and saved them to my photos. There was no organization whatsoever. Using this app allows me to clip images and videos and save them to individual folders in the app - so everything is organized and easy to browse.
  5. 18

    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing Β· Written
    You can easily add images, GIFs, links... to a note, write down any ideas which cross your mind and above all collaborate with your team or everyone else you want to share UI inspirations/ideas with.
  6. 16

    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    Daniel HeitzMaking GitHub tools Β· Written
    Just doing screenshots and using a notes app – I like Bear for it's easy tagging system
  7. Seth HawkinsContent Marketing Manager, Vivint Β· Written
    Organization and flexibility are at the core of Milanote. It's easy to put together mood boards and the web extension makes gathering inspiration a piece of cake. It's a powerful research and inspiration tool.
    Kara LaudiProduct Manager, Hirefully Β· Written
    Chrome extension lets you instantly add any image you find on the web to one of your boards. Add a comment about why you like the image or leave it as a standalone. Colour coding, to-do lists - it's extremely versatile.
  8. 12

    Realtime spreadsheet-database hybrid

    Fantastic for categorization and sorting. And the card view makes viewing the screenshots superbly easy.
  9. 9
    Adobe XD

    An end-to-end solution for designing & prototyping

    Toy LE ThoaiπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Β· Written
    Just organizing screenshots, and images in giant mood boards. And start designing picking directly some colors and shapes.
    Lyondhur PicciarelliProduct Manager, IxD-Industrial Designer Β· Written
    My favourite secondary use of Adobe XD.
  10. 7

    Organise your inspiration

    Jubaed PrinceEntrepreneur & Computer Engineer Β· Written
    Try this! It has a pinterest like grid system that I loved!
  11. Better than everything I've found. (Like Pinboard, Ember, and some others I forgot.) I've tried everything, and this one is absolutely the best. Just give it a whirl!
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  12. Chris MessinaπŸ† #1 Hunter! Β· Written
    I used to be a heavy user of LittleSnapper and then Ember... but Pixave works for me now. I use it constantly.
  13. Chu Hoang SonSoftware Developer at Zalando Β· Written
    Chu Hoang Son made this product
    The most simple and efficient to save links from the web πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
  14. Leo BaeckerπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» hyperping.io - ✨ hyperpixel.io Β· Written
    Leo Baecker made this product
    Handpicked inspiration updated everyday that collects nice landing pages
  15. 5

    The best way to save and share inspiration

    Juan VaamondeSenior designer at Cochlear Β· Written
    I've tried many different tools in the past for saving design inspiration, but they all had cons that convinced me to keep looking. Evernote, Dropmark, Pinterest, Pixave, Inboard. Ultimately all I wanted was an easy way to view a grid of images I'd saved. I wanted to be able to change the column size and gutter size. Savee is exactly that.
  16. 3

    All your stuff in one simple, visual, private place.

    Easy to use, great for links, images & text, visual sorting & categorising, options for sharing & teams, multi-platform. Love it.
  17. 2

    A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist Β· Written
    I had tried Workflowy years ago, an outline-based bookmarking and organization tool, but some of its design was a headache. Dynalist is a tool I have only recently started using, but seems to build on the strengths of an outline-based design, while avoiding some of Workflowy's limitations (like only one outline for everything). Native support for Markdown in notes is great, too.
  18. Use pinbox collection at any time, convenient and fast Very high level of appearance
  19. I have pinterest and collect it there. I've recently found a super cool design for my web page and going to ask https://weblium.com make it. They rae pretty good in designing, so it might be really cool. I also make different screenshots on my phone to collect all designs that I like.
  20. 1

    A better way to organize and refine ideas.

    ElmasryFounder walling.app Β· Written
    Elmasry made this product
    Walling has something called "My Desk" that lets you add images, bookmarks and notes on a daily basis and the ability to tag them to find them and use them for future projects.