Guillermo Ramirez BlonskiCo-founder and CEO

Which startups/apps will blow up in 2018?

Early predictions for emerging startups/apps or existing ones that will grow a lot!?
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    Build your job-winning resume in minutes

    Jubaed PrinceEntrepreneur & Computer Engineer · Written
    Because of the great user experience! The team looks very promising!
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    Free In-depth email tracking for salespeople

    Guys, I found this in 2k18, and I'm happy that I found them from the very beginning. They combine Mailtrack + MixMax + + WebSite tracking (ahhh looking forward to use that) + the best UX/UI I've found. It's really elegant and pretty. Sure it'll blow ours minds in 2k18
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    A new way to send flowers.

    Pericles RellasFlowerlings are for Earthlings · Written
    Pericles Rellas made this product
    Flowerling allows users to send flowers anytime, anywhere in a moment’s notice via their iOS device. Flowerlings bud, bloom, and wilt in real time with a lifespan of eight days... digitally! And, with every Flowerling sent, we plant a live tree in Madagascar through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects—Plus, the app comes complete with a real-time planted tree counter. And, with over 25,000 trees planted to date, Flowerling is well on its way to rewarding the planet by offsetting our global carbon footprint. With more and more people focused on the state of our planet, Flowerling allows users to do what they already love to do – send flowers – but in a new and unique way that brings joy and happiness to those who receive them, and makes a positive impact on the world we all share.
    TiffanyColettiKaiserEVP, Marketing & Client Services (Sales) · Written
    TiffanyColettiKaiser made this product
    Amazing product!!!
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    A quick and simple way to close your first funding round

    Completely changing the way startups raise investment. They've automated the entire legal and shareholder management process for growing a startup - it's like an OS for your company. They're expanding overseas in 2018 🚀
    Getting things done on SeedLegals, whether it is a term sheet or an IP agreement, takes just a few minutes and in truth feels a bit like magic.
    Dylan McKeeMaker of things. · Written
    Fantastic service that turns legals from a nightmare to a pleasure - fantastic peace of mind from having it there too, truly magical. Excited to see how it expands across the globe and in terms of legal offerings in 2018! Robot lawyers are such an exciting prospect... 🚀
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    Live trivia game show by the founder of Vine

    Mohammed Rafy4All things Community @DoSelectHQ · Written
    They will hit all-time high in 2018.
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    The note app for teams

    1/ Great product. Completely changed the way our team gets things done. 2/ Great team. New features are regularly added, and they're just the ones we need. 3/ No competition. There are a lot of doc apps, but none really get it right the way Slite does. It's hands down the best app my team and I have discovered in years, if you haven't tried it yet you're in for a treat!
    Thiago de CarvalhoFounder @ Deer Designer · Written
    Couldn't agree more. Moved all my knowledge base and processes to Slite. It's one of our 3 tabs that pop up every time I open my browser.
  7. Listen to the best new podcast episodes with Breaker. Follow your friends to see what they’re listening to, and discover new shows that you’ll love. Like, share, and comment on your favorite episodes. Join the Breaker community and listen to the best stuff! Until I found Breaker I used to listen to songs (most of the time same popular songs) during evening walk and commute. But now, I have been listening to Breaker for six months and it has been getting magnificent with every update.
  8. Matt HarneyWork @APPEALIE · Written
    Tons of momentum + good re-brand from dapulse + very passionate customer base (see our 2017 APPEALIE SaaS Award: Plus project management is the type of tool that lends itself to some buzz / word of mouth. There were other winners @APPEALIE 2017 that I think will breakout (ChurnZero) but might not generate "buzz" based on nature of their product.
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  9. Sujoy ChaudharyCofounder & CEO, Airim · Written
    Sujoy Chaudhary made this product
    Buyers are mostly introverts by default. They hate talking to salespeople, even if it's online chat. Instead, they want to figure out a product on their own before making a purchase decision. Airim gives them the right information effortlessly by combining search, chat and FAQs into one single widget on a website. Currently, thousands of people use it per second to make a quicker purchase decision and this number will only increase with time.
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    Promote your business on 125 directories with a single click

    Ryan HeybournI built · Written
    Ryan Heybourn made this product
    The 2018 grind has started!
  11. I think that there would be a lot of interesting web designing web sites and companies. I was using for a long time before and they did a perfect design for me. They prefer to use UI and UX kits most of all.
  12. Jason ShapiroMarketing/Game Design @ WinView · Written
    A live, in-game compliment to fantasy sports for sports fans who want to test their knowledge of the game and earn cash doing it.