What's the best tool/hack for sending our behavior based emails?

I'm looking to send out personalized emails similar to airbnb, which are triggered by users interactions on our site. There are so many options with prices all over the board, I'm a bit overwhelmed and would like some advice. I see existing mail platforms (i.e. sendgrid, Vero, mailchimp, etc) with options, but then again am seeing Mixpanel also with some options. Would love your feedback, thank you!
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  1. Ivan Dimitrov
    Ivan DimitrovGrowth Hacker @ pCloud · Written
    Super easy to use with drag and drop
  2. I think this one is the best for the triggers and sending the emails based on the events metrics
  3. Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellFounder Adsoup.com & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    They use AI to send behavior and shopping based emails (they use Mailchimp as their provider), best use is for E-commerce though.