How do journalist protect themselves on the internet?

I'm conducting brief study on how journalists protect themselves on the internet, or even when they move around in the real world. I've come across a lot of examples where journalists, especially investigative journalists covering state-affairs and other hot topics/stories that go against certain individuals/entities, were digitally invaded, oppressed, got their hard and soft data seized/confiscated or even got taken in for investigation. I would like to know if journalists are using any tool to protect their data and keep their privacy and/or taking other precautionary measures to stay anonymous until they get enough public support and influence to showcase their report/findings on a bigger forum. I would also appreciate if any relevant journalist or publisher wants to opt in for an interview for this study.
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@thunderjourn Good question. I'm not someone too interested in journalism. But looking forward to hearing the answer. Fingers crossed someone helps.
@francescod_ales Let's hope we get some answers here. I am also reaching out to journalists on other platforms, so even if we don't get answers here, I'll post the link to the final article here when it is done. :)
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@thunderjourn Even I am keen to know the answer.
@sutrishnasaha Really hoping to get some answers here, but in case there aren't any, I'll make sure to share the link to the final article here when it is done, it will have the answer/insights since I am reaching out to journalists on other platforms too. :)
@thunderjourn I hope I can answer this, seeing my background. I'm the founder of, a Blockchain and AI-based citizen journalism platform. We believe that by collaboration, we can achieve a high quality user-generated news agency. By leveraging the Blockchain, we guarantee anonymity and publication. Once it's out there in to the world, it's out there. So, without self-promoting too much ;) I'd say that the Blockchain-technology is for sure going to help journalism in protecting themselves. Hope this answers your question!
Hi @karimmaassen Thank you for sharing a potential solution, but I was rather looking for answers and actual experiences from journalists who have faced any of the atrocities/oppression mentioned in the question. :)
@thunderjourn Fair enough! Hope you'll get the answers you're looking for :)