Sergio RuizDesign things with @rosa7082

What's the best tool for storing my UI components?

I've worked on several project throughtout my Web developer career, and I have tons of UI components, but I don't have a 'place' to store them.
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    Unify all your files across your devices (unlimited storage)

    Emir EGCo-fouder of Loudy & Agave Studio · Written
    Easy to use, create personal cloud service
  2. I don't know but I was using cloud to store my data and all ui and ux kits there. I used to use to create colorful and pretty designs for my blog and store a lot of them at my computer.
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    Open source alternative to GitHub

    Paco HernándezSoftware developer · Written
    I have used it and it is better in some aspects than GitHub (i.e. you can have unlimited private repositories for free).
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    Craft Prototype, from InVision

    Design, prototype, and collaborate seamlessly

    nyha shreeForbes Under30 | 💪🏽 · Written
    Sync with Sketch. Also has a new DSM feature for brand assets
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    React Storybook

    Develop and design React components without an app.

    Storybook is great. Even though it says React, it can be used with Vue and Angular I believe. We use it for our UI components and it's been great.