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What large successful companies are known to follow the principles of The Lean Startup?

I'm trying to show a buddy of mine who is somewhat more traditional in his business thinking that operating Lean isn't just a gimmick / fad.
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Mick@mickc79 · Founder of http://SongBox.Rocks
@ericries - Would love to get your input here.
Deanna Lea Hamill@deehamill · The Harbor Entrepreneur Center
@mickc79 Boeing, Eaton, etc. Lots of manufacturing businesses!
Andrew Gassen@betterproductco · I love products!
@mickc79 Capital One, several government agencies, Time Warner Cable, Home Depot, Allstate, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Tesla, Honeywell, the list is quite long. Lean principles apply quite nicely to most software projects, and big enterprises such as those listed may not be 100% lean, but there are absolutely teams within the org that operate following these principles. Also, can't forget Toyota, the granddaddy of the lean movement with the Toyota Production System.
Hari Mahesh@harimahesh · 2 Startups + 3 in Stealth
@mickc79 Johnson & Johnson within its Technology Services teams.
Alen Todorov@alentodorov · VP marketing, elefant.ro
@mickc79 What do you mean by traditional in his business thinking? Maybe there's a better way to relate if you think about what are the parts that you disagree with him.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of http://SongBox.Rocks
@alentodorov basically where a bunch of suits sit in an office for 6 months building what they think a product should be, which is then handed to developers who have no say in what happens or how it should be built.
Nirnay Patel@nirnay_patel · I do growth stuff
@mickc79 Good number of PH SaaS products followed Lean methodology.
Afanasiy Savvin@afanasiy · CEO @ Replio
@mickc79 hey! Sberbank, Russia's largest state-owned bank :)
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