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What app do you use to buy and sell shares?

I’ve used Coinbase successfully to buy and sell crypto. It’s ease of use is incredible. I’m looking for something like that for regular stock market buying and selling.
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    Robinhood for iOS

    $0 commission stock brokerage

    Duane Wilson✌️Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups · Written
    clean, simple, easy to use... it's my current go-to
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    M1 Finance

    Automatically invest in what you want for free.

    Free trading on stocks, mutual funds. Rich portfolio management tools. Clean and simple to use.
  3. Duane Wilson✌️Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups · Written
    Still have this, use it to manage "legacy" investments, IRA's, ROTHS, etc... it's fine and gets better as well, but there are fees but greater access to international and other types of funds that Robinhood doesn't support.
  4. You can buy individual stocks and manage your Coinbase in one place