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How to choose a good brand name?

What are the most important bits of advice you find useful when choosing a product name (that needs a domain)? I'm always confused when I've to choose a brand name for an online product/website.
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RanjithKumar@iranjith4 · Co-Founder & Developer at Unleash
@am_alakkad I tried naming my company so creative. But when I took my company name register under government (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), they keep rejecting the name. So had to keep iterating the name. So when you having a name, also please check with MCA.
Arsalan Sajid@arsalan_sajid · A startup enthusiast
@am_alakkad Your name must be easy to remember and should reflect what your product is about. Your website/product can get more views on internet if the name of the product is an easy to rank keyword. "Careem" is a good example.
Andrew@awt · Trying to make things people want
@am_alakkad it has to have meaning to you, and be memorable for others. I think those are the two most important things. But, if you want it to match a .com domain it won't be easy. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I've spent searching for domains :( Good luck
Kalle Aleksander Moen@kalle_aleksander_moen · Co-founder
I second what's said below. The function looks like this to me: - Easy to remember - Symbolizes something you want you product/company to be associated with I think the symbolism could either be related to emotions you want to provoke, key benefits or simply be so vague that you can attach meaning to it yourself.
📎Sorin Puscau@whoisorin · Co-Founder, Traista App
@am_alakkad As short as possible, catchy, unique.
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