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How to choose a good brand name?

What are the most important bits of advice you find useful when choosing a product name (that needs a domain)? I'm always confused when I've to choose a brand name for an online product/website.
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@am_alakkad Picking a great brand name is hard. Here are a few ideas that should help: Brainstorm with your business partners to make a list of possible name concepts (and cross out any that get vetoed). Use clear, descriptive, easy-to-remember words. Make sure it's unique — might require some tweaking. Skip the trendy buzz words (so your brand name has staying power). Make sure the name can be carried over to your logo, slogans & taglines.
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@am_alakkad Finding an available domain name (especially if you're going for a .com) is of course the hardest part of finding a brand name. Try to find something unique, trademarkable (if in the US, search the USPTO Trademark database to see if anyone else is using the name), and hopefully not 10+ syllables long :)
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@am_alakkad Your name must be easy to remember and should reflect what your product is about. Your website/product can get more views on internet if the name of the product is an easy to rank keyword. "Careem" is a good example.
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@am_alakkad I tried naming my company so creative. But when I took my company name register under government (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), they keep rejecting the name. So had to keep iterating the name. So when you having a name, also please check with MCA.
I second what's said below. The function looks like this to me: - Easy to remember - Symbolizes something you want you product/company to be associated with I think the symbolism could either be related to emotions you want to provoke, key benefits or simply be so vague that you can attach meaning to it yourself.
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@am_alakkad it has to have meaning to you, and be memorable for others. I think those are the two most important things. But, if you want it to match a .com domain it won't be easy. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I've spent searching for domains :( Good luck
@am_alakkad As short as possible, catchy, unique.
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@am_alakkad I don't know, but I normaly I have an idea that translate the process of initiative creation, i.e., the name, even temporaly, is the key for the development.
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@am_alakkad It depends of your segment but most of time is simple differentiated and easy to share.
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@am_alakkad If you can`t be first, be different and authentic. You could also use your target audience for ideas sourcing. Say, creating a poll to brainstorm the brand name or crowd-source the key features for your new product.
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@am_alakkad I'd prioritize your brand's vision over the URL. To help with the URL however, I'd recommend
@am_alakkad Try a short name & easy to remember.
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@am_alakkad What works for me: if its a service, the name has to sound fun when used as a verb: Google it! I uber-ed here!. if it is a product: make it sound like a proper name while still describing the product... Printo, lyft... Let it reflect the story of your product, (portmanteau, Self plug. :) ) Something that you can say a 100 times in the same breath. (sadly, portmanteau fails in this aspect. :P )
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@am_alakkad You should think about it's usage and presentation, the situation the product could be useful, then imagine the similarity of it to choose a brand name.
@am_alakkad It should definitely be something catchy and easy to remember. I like how Skillroads did it. The first thing came to my mind was "WHAT?! Silk road on Product Hunt?!!!", haha. My poor attention to details made me click the link to see what they are doing. I think it's a great example of marketing ploy.
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@am_alakkad Before choosing any brand name, First, you should understand your business, I mean which services you'll provide and where and what types of services you would provide and much more before choose any brand name.
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@am_alakkad we scraped available domain names before making a choice and it also helped with our creativity and to play with the words... the final choice is Intellyo :)
Maybe you need to think about it concerning on your web site. I was using and they did not only a good design and website but a perfect brand name because I have a luck of fantasy.