Vindya Gunawardana
Vindya GunawardanaCo-Founder @MuchCast

What is the best app to gather twitter data easily for any kind of social research?

I'm looking for a tool that can simply get access to social data , (specially twitter) and export them easily to use in my marketing research. It would be beneficial if it provides sentiment analysis for the tweets too.
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    Keep track of your brand online.

    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski39Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    Jakub Rogalski made this product
    Sounds like what you need is a social media monitoring tool. Would you like to gather data on the basis of keywords? If so, you could set up a monitoring project and collect all publicly available tweets containing a given keyword. This comes complemented with various metrics such as social media reach, number of mentions, and interactions, such as likes, shares, and comments. Sentiment analysis is also there, and you can export the data into an excel file, pdf report or an infographic. You can hit me up with some more questions if that's something that suits your needs!
    OblilBuy, sell, deal, services, info & more · Written
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Brand24 is a great app, especially if you're a business prone to any type of social media critics (like every type of business, nowadays?). It's just a much better way to know what people are saying about your brand then searching it through Google.

    • Mateusz Kurleto
      Mateusz KurletoTech entrepreneur and investor @Neoteric

      A great tool that helps me understand where and how people discuss certain topics like "Alternative to [MyCompetitorName]", "How to [Solve the problem I sell a solution to]" so I can engage personally and try to convert.

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    Twitter analytics, follower segmentation & more

    Jonathan Bentz
    Jonathan BentzCreator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic · Written
    Moz used to own this, and it was recently re-acquired by the original maker. Interesting to watch how it evolves.
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    Your simple day-to-day research tool for Twitter

    Vindya Gunawardana
    Vindya GunawardanaCo-Founder @MuchCast · Written
    Vindya Gunawardana made this product
    Thanks all for your replies. Actually, I was searching for a tool that is mostly specialized in collecting real-time data, since it is so hectic on Twitter to search the latest content. For an instance, if I want to gather recent job posts, sometimes Twitter gives expired links in its latest section as well. I have used Brand24, though it does a really great job as a social monitoring tool, it again gives a large number of social data results which goes beyond my context. So it is an overkill and complex solution for my problem. As my main purpose is getting most accurate and relevant data, I came up with this solution, MuchCast. It is not a social monitoring tool, but it does a great job at gathering relevant, accurate, real-time data for any kind of social research, within my context. Also, it is so simple to use in my day to day research with no hassle.
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    • Genuinely this product is so simple to use. This one is going to make my researches on tech products way easier.

      Good luck for the Team. Hoping to see your features (Specially Sentiment analysis: D) in road map soon. :D

    • Andrey Budarevskiy
      Andrey BudarevskiyProduct enthusiast

      I was not able to get any meaningful data for simple keywords such as mobile, smartphone, wearable, etc. There is no hints and autocompletion. Probably better UX is next step to real success

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    SocialRank 2.0

    Graph search for TWTR. Filter by interests, location, etc

    Jeremy Kovac
    Jeremy KovacProduct · Written
    Extremely simple to use!
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    Give your Twitter feed superpowers

    Samarth Jajoo made this product
    Twisti allows you to filter tweets by mention of words, links, location, no. Of likes/retweets and more. Check it out :)
    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Twisti can do better as a MVP. This is basically Twitter search, expect that you can have a distraction-free tracking. There is a 5 minutes feed refresh interval, and I think I can handle it. Good so far. Hope to see the developer push more upgrades in the coming days!

    • Gabriel SoHappy
      Gabriel SoHappyEdtechpreneur

      Now that I think about it, would be nice to have one for reddit too. hahah.

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    Get notified immediately when you are mentioned online.

    Mediatoolkit is useful is if you need real-time tracking as mentions appear on Twitter. - Real-time tracking - Analyzes sentiment - Has engagement data - You can export all mentions into a sheet (or set up scheduled export once a week / month) - You can export mentions by type of sentiment via Zapier - Automated reports
    • John Tan
      John TanGrowth & Product

      Been using them for more than a year, and have been very satisfied with their service. Pricing is important to understand, but once you do, it makes sense.

      We compared them with google alerts, mention, buzzsumo, SEMrush and mediatoolkit fit our monitoring needs the best.

      Progressive updates with real improvements, with even reddit monitoring now. Superb tool, instant alerts with slack integration and tremendous help from customer success team.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      A great app for those who want to start getting to know more about their brand's reputation.

  7. Chris Messina
    Chris Messina12Product designer & entrepreneur · Written
    This is more like a research guide, but might be helpful!