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What apps have a great first-time user walkthrough?

I'm close to finishing up the mvp of my iOS side project, Savor & West, and realized I probably need a welcome walkthrough for first time users. I've been looking around for some inspirations. Do any apps with a great first time user walkthrough come to mind that I should check out?
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    "Simply put, if Slack's first-run experience was an Olympic medal, it would be gold. The level of detail, personality, and ingenuity is basically without parallel." https://www.useronboard.com/how-...
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    Airtable 2.0

    Beyond the spreadsheet

    Matt RaglandCustomer Success at ConvertKit · Written
    I think AirTable does their onboarding really well, actually writing up the reasons why. Will circle back and share!
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    Airbnb Official API

    Develop your application for millions of travelers & hosts

    If thinking of the best walk-through examples for the web apps, Airbnb is the first one to cross my mind. Perfect design, easy steps to follow and helpful tips!
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    Learn languages completely free.

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Duolingo till now, the product itself is the first time use. User downloads the app with the intention of learning a language and the app start with the task of learning a language. It doesn't ask you to create an account, it asks you to save the progress you've made by this time user is in a position to judge whether the app is useful to him or not.
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    Simplify the way your team works

    Full transparency I built this tool. but we have hundreds of thousands of paying users... so I can safly say it's pretty awesome.
    Really easy to get started !
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    Email accounts are added through a chat dialogue which somehow makes the whole experience far less painful.
    Email accounts are added through a chat dialogue which somehow makes the whole experience far less painful.
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    Anchor 2.0

    Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins

    Diego Jimenez3Principal Product Designer @LonelyPlanet · Written
    Anchor has a different (and really cool) audio-based walkthrough experience that is fun to follow, helps you understand how the app works and puts allowing the needed OS permissions in context.
    Ramnath ShenoyProduct & Growth, Glynk.com · Written
    Anchor remains my favorite in terms of new user onboarding and overall design. It's new, unique and does a great job. I still remember logging in using Facebook without a second thought just because there was an audio asking me to do it.
  8. Sujoy ChaudharyCofounder & CEO, Airim · Edited
    To be honest, I found Upwork's onboarding fantastic! I had never hired a freelancer ever before, but needed one badly. When I signed up for Upwork, it felt as if it had read my mind! It asked me just the basic questions to get started, with no extra information like phone number or card details. It guided me step-by-step and before I knew it, my first job post was already live! It even sold me well, saying something like "Add your credit card now to get better quality freelancers". I had already been blown away by their onboarding, so didn't hesitate a bit in adding my card details. Minutes after doing that, I got three freelancers submitting their cover letters. I ended up hiring one within that day and my job got done in 3 hours!
  9. Sabrina AtienzaWhipnote.com (AI-powered call notes) · Written
    Intercom was smooth and easy to get up and running. They also do a great job onboarding users to try new modules. For example, if you wanted to try their Engage product, they walk you step-by-step through sending your first message.
  10. Love this app! It helps me remember all my password and no one can get into it. I can easily store my password since I have too many accounts for different sites.
    Wow, it’s amazing!
  11. Philipp KlausUI/UX Designer and Mobile Product lover · Written
    Just perfect onboarding
  12. Simon BrombergCTO @DashMD , sbromberg.com · Written
    Intuitive, conversational interface to get you set up with borrowing e-books / audiobooks in a flash
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    Kanji Ninja

    Fun game to learn 1000+ Japanese characters

  14. HeartlineDesigner, The Cricuit Studio · Written
    I think this is a great app . Give it a try!