Casey GoldmanDirector @ Sustainability Partners
I'm looking for the best tool for managing copy and paste history for Mac.
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    Paste 2

    Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac

    Mike Coutermarsh70Code @ Product Hunt · Written
    I'm obsessed with Paste 2. It's SO GOOD. I used flycut before this, but it doesn't compare. The UI is really great. Saves different types of content (text or images) and you can quickly search for old snippets without taking your hands off the keyboard.
    Shea LignitzWriter & Web Designer · Written
    I use this constantly. I agree with Mike that the the UI is great. The shortcuts are lifesavers and you can organize things in your clipboard into categories. The only thing I wish is that you could lock clipboard entries — sometimes I accidentally delete things.
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    Copia for Mac

    Smart and elegant clipboard manager for Mac

    Jeremy BauerWriter + Arts Instructional Designer · Written
    It's still in beta, but I'm loving Copia. Mostly because it's so visual, and also because it offers a lot of features for free.
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    A full featured clipboard manager

    Mac and iOS app, formatting options and sync. It works well.
    I'm using it for some time now. It does the job. Simple and effective. Stores images as well as text snippets. Searchable as well.
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    Alfred 3

    The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

    Oskar HaneNeo4j Browser · Written
    Alfred does many things super well, and clipboard management is one of them. Super easy to use with hot keys (cmd + alt + c) and searchable.
    Swiss-Army-Knife for Mac productivity.
    Marian Strätercraving for cool new products · Written
    Clipboard and Snippet manager with thousends of options to customize. A must have.
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    Access notes, files & pasteboard clips quickly on your Mac

    mark!Social Media Manager, Red Bull TV · Written
    Essential tool as I do a ton of copying/pasting in my role as a Social Media Manager. It also is a godsend if you route your screenshot folder to Unclutter's dropdown folder. I have my directs download Unclutter, aText, BetterSnapTool as soon as they start working for me.
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    CopyClip 2

    Clipboard management done right

    I use Unclutter as well as CopyClip. Unclutter is great for things like images, editing copied text, etc. And also doubles up as my quick note taker. But CopyClip is just way more simple to use for short texts and easily accessible from the menu bar. Nothing fancy, but gets the work done. fast.
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    Keyboard Maestro

    Conduct your Mac like a pro

    Arun SathiyaMarketing, Freshworks · Written
    Keyboard Maestro is not a clipboard manager specifically, rather is a full-blown automation tool for your MacBook machines. You can easing create clipboards manually using variables to hold data you want to. This app is a must-have if anyone has a MacBook. It's totally worth the price and syncs between all your computers.
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    Clipboard manager from the creators of Tweetbot

    Does what it needs and then gets out of the way. It's the best clipboard manager I've tried!
  9. I use this one, but if someone finds a clipboard manager that uses formatted text, would be even better :-). Nice thing about this app is that you can copy on your iPhone and paste on your mac as well :-).