Ildi Xhaholli
Ildi XhaholliCreative Artist

What is the best way to track/collect cryptocurrency prices by the hour?

I have a portfolio of 20 crypto currencies. Would like to track/collect hourly prices for each crypto on individual exchanges (Bittrex for example). I have played around with IFTTT and Google Sheets but haven’t found a working solution yet that gives accurate results.
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    Bitcoin Price

    Live charts + everything you need to know about crypto coins

    Catalin Zorzini made this product
    it works :)
  2. 36

    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Easy to use with good UI. They are no portfolio percentages but those are in the works.
    Cannot recommend highly enough. Great design. You can see portfolio percentages btw, you just have to change in settings.
    Charlie Gedeon
    Charlie GedeonInteraction Design, CIID · Written
    It's got fantastic design, and there is both a way to have watchlists and your own portfolio. You can see things in net increase or in % which is great. You can insert all the fees and such for every purchase and they have everything listed!
    • @marty
      @martyDirector, Tens

      Haven't found anything even nearly as good as this on the market. Solid team and product, excited for things to come. Export to CSV and ability to sync data to the cloud would be welcome features.

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    • Hugo Jimenez
      Hugo JimenezGuadalajara ----> Los Angeles

      I've been using Delta since I entered the market in January but in the past week it's stopped working and their updates are only for Paid users. Their new Touch ID feature doesn't even work. Lately my portfolio seems to be totally wrong every other day.

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    Effortlessly monitor & manage all your crypto in one place

    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    When I’m at home on my computer, I personally like to use either Blockfolio.
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    • Nathan Mayer
      Nathan MayerArtist on the Blockchain.

      This app really does exactly what I need- monitors prices on the go for all my altcoins and projects I follow. The design is clean and easy to use, I really enjoy the app.

    • Marvin Kowalski
      Marvin KowalskiIndo Taxi Driver

      My son introduced me to this app and I LOVE it. Really easy to monitor coins, which is something we can talk about and connect on. I had a few issues with the app but Blockfolio support solved the issue within five minutes of writing them on live chat. Excellent service!

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    Stay up to date with the crypto markets you want to watch. 📈

    John Mauro
    John MauroProduct Manager · Written
    Easy to use and clean UI
    • Alexander Isora 🦄
      Alexander Isora 🦄Founder @ Unicorn Platform.

      Great thing that guys are not rushing with CoinDex. Before the launch, they had been developing, testing and improving the app for a few months.

      I love their patience and a serious approach. Way to go!

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    • Nicolo S
      Nicolo SFounder/CEO -

      I have been using Coindex for a long time now and am constantly impressed by the time and care Josh and Cellaflora put into the project. There is an emphasis on perfection and testing the app's features before release and this has amounted to a polished and irreplaceable part of my iPhone. Coindex will always have a space on my dock and can't wait to see what they add next :)

  5. Beautiful UI! With every cryptocurrency you will find also the story of that project.
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    i like it
    Max Ade
    Max AdeWilbur Labs, Ex-Googler · Written
    Love this app. Great UI that allows you to quickly switch between price, total value, and 24H change while scrolling through your whole portfolio.
  6. Cryptocurrently allows you to manually enter the number of coins/tokens you have in different currencies and see a live total for your portfolio in USD, EUR or GBP. You can also see live trades and charts and come back to your browser to keep an eye on your favourite cryptocurrencies. The data comes from the API and shows market aggregates, apart from the live trades where you can choose a particular exchange.
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  7. gunrack skeletor
    gunrack skeletorI place words in a dope order · Written
    Couldn't find a site that does hourly updates. How about real time updates instead? You could also try
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    Crypto Central

    Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker 💸

    Vincent Tellier
    Vincent TellierCrypto Central maker · Written
    Vincent Tellier made this product
    Connect to exchanges dynamically and get your trades in a heartbeat. Track your crypto investments easily
    • Praveen Balla
      Praveen BallaDirector of Marketing

      The application is really good. It is very similar to Robinhood and so, it makes it easy for me to transition.

      Facebook login is a huge time saver and no nasty signups.

      Missing RaiBlocks Coin -

    • Team very attentive and very dynamic. real professionals.

      I highly recommend this app after testing it.

      It's really the best on the market.

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    Crypto Price Tracker

    An app for all your cryptocurrency needs!

    Harshita Arora
    Harshita AroraFounder @Harshita Apps · Written
    Harshita Arora made this product
    Beautiful and simple to use app with a ton of features!
    • Harshit Kumar
      Harshit KumarMaking life beautiful for everyone

      I heard this app is good? I hope it will if i will findout in Google playstore and, it is love to heard that 16years old girl made it. Definitely appreciated.. and Best of luck for future projects... keep this up.Never felt down if some one point out bugs or say negative... Always take that as a positive... Cheers😊

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    • Kia Richards
      Kia RichardsBlockchain & Tech enthusiast

      I'm still exploring the app but so far it delivers as promised.

  10. Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garciacoding, coding ... cooooding · Written
    Jorge Garcia made this product
    Hi there! Recently we launched Vertfolio ( ) a simple cryptocurrencies portfolio on Android and iOS, we are looking for feedbacks :-).
  11. Alexis Ohanian
    Alexis OhanianCo-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit · Written
    It's desktop only at the moment, but I've been really happy with the performance so far. I'm a HODLer so it's been great for tracking my portfolio overtime.
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    Track the top 100 Cryptocurrencies in every new tab

    Markus Schuette made this product
    See top cryptos whenever you open a new tab in Chrome
  13. Danni Niebling
    Danni NieblingProud owner of a .eco domain · Written
    I really like the Coin Stats app. It has API integration with exchanges and wallets, and a lot of other cool features.
  14. It's just cool
  15. Kilim Choi
    Kilim ChoiEngineer and Entrepreneur · Written
    We support bittrex exchange integration at We'll soon be adding hourly prices.
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    Crypto-currency market capitalizations

    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    I use coinmarketcap. They don’t provide anything fancy, but they fulfill my needs which mainly just consists of keeping an eye on the trade volume, list of gainers and losers, etc.
  17. Patrick
    PatrickJust doing my CS Ph.D. · Written
    Patrick made this product
    Mobile friendly, fast and offers some cool metrics that others don't provide
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    Bitcoin Flip

    A crypto trading simulator for beginners

    Alīna Kitnere
    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    They have 24/7 real time prices and readable charts
    Alīna Kitnere
    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    Monitors real time price movements 24/7 with great design
    Alīna Kitnere
    Alīna KitnereDigital project manager · Written
    Monitors real time price movements 24/7 with great design
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    FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT

    EmmaI work at BitUniverse · Written
    Emma made this product
    BitUniverse perfectly meet your requirement! It allows you to track/manage all your real-time crypto on different exchanges. The most fantastic part about BitUniverse is that it supports API auto-import, which means you just need copy and paste your exchange API then you can effortlessly check all your profit/loss.
    • Nyet Toporkov
      Nyet ToporkovFrontend developer

      With a single glance you can see the status of your portfolio in a global way. Of course it is also possible to access each currency individually, where we can see the graphs at different times. We also have the possibility to choose what price we want to see (possibility of selecting different exchanges).

      The functionality of tracking the percentage evolution of each currency in your portfolio in real time is great and very visual.

      Something that I thought was magnificent is the graphic in which we can see with colors the evolution of the value of our portfolio in the different exchanges.

      Finally, essential details, such as the possibility of selecting the currency in which we want to see prices (euro, dollar, yen... and many more).

      As for the design, we can say that everything is in place. The graphics on small screens are a bit complicated to solve, but they have done very well. The price charts of each currency can be viewed at different times.

      Application performance is superb, not a single unexpected shutdown. Since I have installed it, I have noticed that the battery lasts a little less. In 24 hours the average battery consumption of Bituniverse is 6%.

      Data consumption is the only thing I don't like about this application. I say that I don't like it, but it couldn't be any other way because there are constant queries to be made to different servers. It's a bad thing to suffer and cannot be avoided, but if you are connected to WIFI there is no problem!

    • 用过最好的软件之一

  20. 1

    A minimal crypto coin tracker for iOS

    Sam Eckert
    Sam Eckert18 | iOS Dev | Interaction Designer · Written
    Sam Eckert made this product
    Easy to use, simple, minimalistic. yet powerful