Cherian ThomasVP, Think and Learn (Byjus)

What some good tools to make presentations rock?

Good graphics, graphing, cliparts etc.
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    Changing the linearity of presentation.

    Lee ChapmanSaaS is as much "Success as a Service" · Written
    I love Prezi as, visually, it takes the audience on a journey.
    Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager · Written
    Prezi is my all time favorite, the templates are really good especially the paid templates.
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    Poll Everywhere

    Live audience Participation

    Lee ChapmanSaaS is as much "Success as a Service" · Written
    This is a fantastic tool to engage audience participation and receive feedback or do research.
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    Create interactive presentations

    Moody BolesFounder & CEO of Imaginators · Written
    Moody Boles made this product
    Using Imaginators you can create interactive presentations that engage your audience.
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    Live Q&A and Polls for your Meetings & Events

    Juraj PalHead of Strategic Partnerships at Slido · Written
    Juraj Pal made this product
    If you're also looking to add an interactive element to your presentation, try breaking your content with a few live audience polls. They don't just engage your audience, but also look great visually if you use the world cloud one for example:
  5. Hamed MPMSc Data Science student · Written
    The idea behind this website is amazing. Not only it has beautiful elements and easy to use UI, free plans, online presentation and many more features, it has a grid like story telling system. Let's say you have a business pitch with 10 slides, problem, solution, market size, ... These can be organized in linear way and you can add supporting material down the grid to answer questions etc. Also it has branding feature where you can save your Brand's color pallets and use it across teams.
  6. Berry van ElkOwner · Written
    With Maglr you can let your agency create good looking main presentations with the professional editor. As a regular user/employee you can re-use these presentation pages with and combine them with easy to use template to tell your own story. Available as online link or present it offline with the iPad / Desktop app.