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What tool do you use to build your resume?

Looking to update my resume and would like to crowdsource opinions :) I need it to be able to export as PDF and do it in a way that it can be auto-scanned by application tools (my previous export was read backward by the application software (for instance my cell number would be )DCBA instead of ABCD). I could do it from scratch in Adobe, but I'm looking for something more efficient and cost-effective. Obviously the designs must be good! StandardResume is not working anymore for me and the dev is not replying to my messages /shrug.
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  1. Tejas KingerPMM @ Hiver | Prev. @ Freshworks · Written
    CakeResume works well. It generates resumes in beautiful templates that can be exported to PDF formats.
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    Standard Resume

    One beautiful resume that works everywhere

    Alexander NevedovskyFounder, EIR · Written
    Very minimal, basic and standard.
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    Steve MesserProduct, @ClaimerApp · Written
    Minimal, available anywhere, and easy to update. I've used Standard Resume recently as it means I can download a well designed CV whenever I need it.
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    Turn your resume into an infographic

    good-looking graphs, free
  4. Buddy GreeneSenior Software Developer · Written
    With Document365 you can easily create your CV (resume), share it with potential employers, edit it from any device and always have it with you in case you need to send it out quickly. I've used it personally for creating my resume and it was easy to work with such an intuitive software. Two thumbs up.
  5. Diego Jimenezdesigner & world explorer · Written
    Focus on the content, not the tool.
    Sarah MillerSurvey Specialist, SoGoSurvey · Written
    Exactly! Give more emphasis on the Content.
    Jonathan BentzCreator of Leads, Sales, and Traffic · Written
    Easy to use templates that I could turn around pretty quickly when I needed it.
  6. Sachin BahalEditor-in-chief, TheCanadianTechie · Written
    If you want a great visual resume, then I'd recommend using Canva and you export as a PDF, but the editor can a be a bit fiddly at times.
  7. PrimerFounder of Songbox · Written
    It’s amazing at an amazing price.
    best resume app for ease of editing, sharing and analytics. worth every dollar
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    Build your job-winning resume in minutes

    Tim RaiterHello Baby & Donut Lab · Written
    Definitely, the best resume service I ever used.
    Great easy tool to use!
    Great UI, love the resume designs.
  9. Minimal Sharp Affordable
    This is what I used for all my internship applications and what landed me on my current one. :) Simple to use, beautiful and sleek templates, single page format.
    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I used Novoresume too when it was free. Easily one of the best tools yet. It's premium now though.
  10. John HertenbergerProduct Manager, OrderMyGear · Written
    I've found this to be my favorite. Great tool for creating traditional-looking resumes. Pricing isn't bad and they retain your info even after suspending service until you need it again.
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    A better way to build resumes for web and print

    Peter MelloManaging Partner, Lionheart Pathways · Written
    The templates are the best I've seen, the ability to import and parse your data on LinkedIn is smooth and accurate, and the price is right. That's not the unfair advantage, though. The ability to effortlessly link your VisualCV to your own personal domain name or a subdomain, complete with visitor analytics, is what makes me such a huge fan.
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    Update your résumé for 2020

    Andrei KurtuyCo-founder & CCO @ Novorésumé · Written
    Andrei Kurtuy made this product
    An intuitive and professional builder. Based on extensive research we have built a tool that provides easily customizable templates, interchangeable fonts, themes, and layouts. We also have a built-in real-time content optimizer that analyses the content, layout, experience, and geolocation to provide immediate suggestions for the best possible content. Here are the highlight features: - All the sections needed is already provided by our tool, so you have more time to focus on creating a quality content - Layout optimizer checks that content is readable and aligned - Live feedback will provide with tips and examples - Automated synchronization - Multiple languages - all sections easily customizable to the language preferred - Templates are approved by recruiters and employers
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    Hiration's Resume Builder

    Targeted resumes to get you the shortlists that you want

    Works pretty well.Tons of templates, and they provide additional services as well, in case you need help
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    AI career service to help you land a dream job 🤖

    Oh, I like this one. Rather a cool service that uses AI. It even becomes a product of the day on Product Hunt.
    Vad SapozhnykovAI Marketing Manager 🤖 · Written
    Vad Sapozhnykov made this product
    @jpvalery our resume generator powered by Artifficial Intelligence will help you develop and construct the polished and professional resume you've always dreamt of.
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    Create compelling eye-catching resumes

    Great design!
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    ineedaresume 2.0

    Create beautiful, free resumes in seconds

    Jp ValeryCSM @ · Written
    Finally went this as this was the best option for me :)
  17. A great looking and well-typeset resume in LaTeX
  18. 2
    Resume Worded 2.0

    AI-powered feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile

    Rohan MahtaniFounder, Resume Worded · Written
    Rohan Mahtani made this product
    By far the most holistic product when it comes to resume creation and optimization!
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    Create interactive presentations

    Moody BolesFounder & CEO of Imaginators · Written
    Moody Boles made this product
    How about creating an interactive resume?
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    Create your Resume over Chat

    Ish JindalFounder, Tars · Written
    Ish Jindal made this product
    This might seem like an unusual way but yes people have been making their CV over a bot. Basically resume is like sharing a story about yourself and getting in conversation with the other person. What better way than doing this over chat. Here is an example of how Brenda does it -