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What are your favorite glitch apps?

I love glitch art! Share your favorite apps with me. 💜
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  1. 78

    Turn images into pixelated, glitched-out works of art (iOS)

    Frank Meeuwsen
    Frank MeeuwsenCommunity Architect · Written
    One of the first Glitch apps I discovered. Weird and wonderful. As the whole segment of apps is...
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    • Benjamin Libor
      Benjamin LiborBuilding products, writing stories

      Downloaded this, was keen on trying the CHNNLS filter. Appears free on AS screenshots. Paid to download, now realising the screenshots are wrong, I'm asked to pay again to use the filters which are only for PRO members. Misleading and not cool

  2. 67

    A video & photo app that distorts reality in real-time

    Frank Meeuwsen
    Frank MeeuwsenCommunity Architect · Written
    It beats every Snapchat and Facebook filter.
  3. 55
    Glitch Wizard

    Create trippy glitch photos and animated GIFs

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover82Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Glitch Wizard might be the first glitch app I discovered through Product Hunt, once upon a time. It's pretty wild.
  4. 2

    Turn photographs into glitch art

    Frank Meeuwsen
    Frank MeeuwsenCommunity Architect · Written
    A bit weird on the interface but the random fx are excellent.
  5. 1

    Abstract geometric design in real-time.

    Frank Meeuwsen
    Frank MeeuwsenCommunity Architect · Written
    Digging the new kaleidoscope effect!
  6. vhs glitch art effects with various vaporwave elements; super easy to use. me, and many create cool pictures with it and share on to insta.
  7. super trippy and so many options other than glitch