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What are the best apps to keep my messages secure?

Which apps can be trusted for secure, private messaging and why?
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    Signal 2.0

    Send end-to-end encrypted text, picture, and video messages

    Chris Messina10🏆 PH Community Member of the Year! · Written
    Since it provides end-to-end encryption, Signal is a good choice.
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    Telegram 3.0

    Chat in private or groups — now with smart Telegram Bots

    Ryan Hoover73Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    I've used Telegram for years. It's super fast, on every platform, and secure (although some have raised concerns (see this article in Gizmodo). Just be sure to turn encryption mode on.
  3. 1

    Snapchat with military-grade encryption

    Daniel SingerX6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼 · Written
    I heard they used this at Uber for discussing sensitive topics. Must be pretty secure. Also their founder always wears sunglasses as to never have her face photographed. 🤷‍♂️