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What's the best way to share files on a subscription basis?

I am looking for a way to share assets with my membership community on monthly basis. Originally I was considering using drop box however, I want to make it so that when each person joins they would get the assets for the month that they join! A kind of virtual subscription box?
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  1. Product Pearson
    Product PearsonProduct Manager @ Property4Media · Written
    Google Drive is superb and syncs perfectly with all your Sheets and Docs. You can share a folder called "Assets for new Employees" and within this folder there would be all the files your new person needs when they start at your company. You can go further if you have Gsuite enabled in your workplace, and then do some really cool advanced stuff for collaboration and communication, real time file editing by multiple employees etc.
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    Subscription access to anything with Slack

    Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellFounder Adsoup.com & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    Could be a solution, charge to join a channel where you update files? Not quite what you want but may be a work around.
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    Make commerce better for everyone.

    Shopify and an addon called Locksmith could do this and a lot more
    • Habib Kamara
      Habib KamaraCreativity fuels me.

      By far the most complete and stable e-commerce solution. But I would suggest them to add more payment solutions for international sellers (especially those living in Africa).

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @ pickSaaS.com

      Really easy e-commerce store set-up and management, one of the best platforms to use by online store owners.

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    Sell anything directly to anyone.

    Lara Tompkins
    Lara TompkinsInstructional Technologist, Higher Ed · Written
    Gumroad allows subscribers to get the assets for the month they join and thereafter.