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What is the best landing page builder?

What is the best landing page builder that you have used and why? Not trying to avoid designers and developers but for a proof of concept I needed things fast and LP builders are good at this.
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    Slides Framework

    Animated web presentations and landing pages in HTML/CSS 😻

    Andrian Valeanu
    Andrian Valeanu4Web designer and indie maker💡. 🇲🇩<->🇪🇸 · Written
    Andrian Valeanu made this product
    It's a perfect tool for web developers. Slides has beautiful animations and is very customizable. Here are a few websites create on Slides - https://designmodo.com/examples-...
    This is one of my favorite frameworks, I really enjoy when creating something with Slides.
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Simple, fast, stable. I've had mine up for over a year.
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    When Carrd came out, it changed my life. I can easily set up single-page websites and I love how it has changed my life. It has a killer pricing. Available at just 19 USD for custom domain support and can create upto 10 sites.
    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    Simple, quick, and beautifu and new features are constantly being added.
    • Brendan Hersh
      Brendan Hershdev/designer/domainer

      Carrd is the most amazing web building platform I've seen to date- and trust me, I've tried everything. You start off with a blank page, or choose from expertly-designed templates, then you can build your own site with content LEGOs: drag text under an image, make a row of links across the top, or even add some of your own code.

      When you discover control bars that let you break your site into pages, though, it's when everything changes: Carrd goes from letting you create business-card like pages to making full-blown websites for anything- home base for your app with dedicated support and contact pages, a sign-up form for an event that plugs names and comments into a Google sheet, ANYTHING (how do I make extra bold?)

      Carrd is now my go-to tool for anything web-building related. I made a website for a friend and even made a few bucks off it. I'm also teaching an HTML class for my homeschool support group and there will be a whole lesson on Carrd!

      I just want to say thanks to @ajlkn for my favorite website for websites, ever.

    • Suraj Rajan
      Suraj RajanCo-founder, invyt.in

      Found it to be extremely useful to create a profile site that I can easily share with people so they can find all my social media handles by just going here !

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    Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.

    Lots of features and a wide range of plans available.
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    Create beautiful websites and blogs easily

    Mark B.
    Mark B.Product Manager, CJ Affiliate · Written
    Not free, but worth the cost. Dead simple to get started and gorgeous layouts out of the box.
    Stefan Theofilos
    Stefan Theofilos8Product Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    I really like how Squarespace works and it's ease of use. If you also get need hands-on help, there's a company called DesignLive.co that'll help you build it.
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    Launchaco Website Builder

    Quickly create a free and responsive product site.

    Tinu Cleatus
    Tinu CleatusCTO, Nuventure Technology Solutions · Written
    This is hands down the best one I've used recently to easily create a super neat launch website.
    Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦
    Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦Building a tools for Food Tech projects · Written
    Using it right now
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    Landing page marketing made simple

    Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellFounder Adsoup.com & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    I use this, easy to use, plenty of intergrations, simple deployment to wordpress site via plugin. Very intuitive and has project management via folders built in. Lacking in team management usability though. And my must, full zapier intergration.
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    Weblium 2.0.

    🚀 Turbo AI website building tool

    Yara Nevmerzhitskaya
    Yara Nevmerzhitskaya3Lead seo specialist, marketer · Written
    I recommend this simple website builder with AI supervisor (will not allow you to make stupid mistakes on your landing page) :)
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    • Stan Coneman
      Stan ConemanPassionate IT marketer and growth hacker

      I've been waiting for a tool where I can make a GOOD website myself for eternity. The problem with most of them is that you still need some skills in web design to make something worthwhile. Weblium seems very intuitive + helps you with the design (like color schemes and fonts) so even I managed to make a decent landing page without turning to webmasters. Good job!

    • Arthur Fedorenko
      Arthur FedorenkoEntrepreneur and HR

      I've been using Weblium for several months and these guys are real geeks. The work that they do is just something incredible. I don't need to hire a designer and developer anymore to make some changes – I AM BOTH here. And I really feel myself as a boss and creator, not a rookie. The tool is definitely one of the best on a market. I've used a bunch of other sitebuilders but all of them got so many irritating drawbacks, so I changed one after another. Now I don't need to go further. Everything is in one place and works crystal clear.

      However, it still a bit rough around the edges and doesn't have a e-commerce option. But guys say that they will develop it shortly.

      I make on Weblium career websites for different companies, landings for events and other promo pages.

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    Lead Pages

    Landing page generator built for conversions

    Used LeadPages a couple times on previous projects. Whilst it may not be the cheapest, I've found it to being one of the most powerful ones out there with lead capture, easy signups and much more.
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Tim Dalrymple
    Tim DalrympleGrowth Manager at Webflow · Written
    If you're looking for a code-free way with similar flexibility of code try out Webflow.
    • Webflow is a game changer for Smoke Tests, Landing Pages etc for side projects. I haven’t used it on a large scale project (yet).

  10. Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Written
    I suggest you try Agile CRM’s landing page builder (https://www.agilecrm.com/landing...). You can build landing pages with its easy-to-use, drag and drop designer and create responsive web pages for campaigns. These are the additional features it provides: - Free templates: High-converting templates depending on your business needs (AdWords campaigns to customer retention, engagement. - Drag and drop designer: Anyone can become a pro web designer with this as it requires no coding experience. With just a few clicks, you can change the look and feel of your new pages. - Responsive Design: These landing pages are compatible on all devices and resolutions. - Code Editor: It lets you edit HTML, CSS or JS for your new pages. This ensures coherent branding. Hope I helped! :)
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh Rasakatla18Sr. Digital Marketer · Edited
    Have you had the chance to try out Agile CRM? You can create high-converting landing pages with Agile CRM. Agile CRM's full marketing automation capabilities let you create amazing landing pages, web popups and web forms from your CRM in minutes. Take your lead generation efforts to the next level with highly engaging web tools for engaging more prospects and customers. New templates are released every week! Their team of designers create high converting templates to suit any business. Each template includes advanced analytics, A/B testing, built-in email marketing and a mobile responsive design. Here is the link for detailed info -> https://www.agilecrm.com/landing... , in which it provides: - Free Templates - Drag-and-Drop Designer - Web Forms - Responsive Design - Code Editor Agile CRM currently serves 14,000+ businesses worldwide and has been rated the best: - G2Crowd - Capterra - TrustRadius You can try it for free and do share your feedback. (www.agilecrm.com)
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    Ship by Product Hunt

    A toolkit for makers to ship awesome products ⛵

    Nick Neuman
    Nick Neuman3Product at Casa · Written
    Ironically PH has a pretty great, simple landing page builder :D It looks much different from other landing pages with the "conversation" style. This is a good choice if you haven't launched your product yet. It's a clear call to action for customers to sign up with email to stay updated on your product.
    • Kunal Bhatia
      Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp

      There was a void left by people who wanted to reach the Product Hunt community but weren't ready to launch. You had to put a lot of effort into creating a webpage just to do a 'Pre-launch' hunt. That's all simplified now.

    • Jeremiah Smith
      Jeremiah SmithFounder @ Startuptracker.io 🎯

      We've been using our upcoming page for the last couple of weeks and have collected over 1,000 emails already 😊

      Saves days if not weeks by giving you tools to launch and iterate out of the box.

      Welcome to the future 🚀

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    Free drag & drop mobile friendly website builder.No coding.

    Cristian Cojocaru
    Cristian Cojocarufreelance graphic designer · Written
    Easy to use, responsive and free.
    cause its just great :-)
    I started to use Mobirise HTML website builder several years ago. At first, I liked this application incredibly. It was so easy to make a site without having any program skills. Unfortunately, after some period of time, approximately several months it turned out that the app has a lot of bugs. I couldn't set the link and needed to set it for 6 times. HEX option of color changing wasn't working. Couldn't set youtube video from the certain second. There were a lot of different glitches. But as far as I know now the team of Mobirise website builder software fixed most part of those flaws. Now I can give this app 4 out of 5. It's a decent application for creation of small sites.
    • Anna Filou
      Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

      Mobirise is fantastic, especially considering that it is 100% FREE for personal and commercial use. The websites you make with it can be exported into HTML, CCS and JS. The code is easy to read (another website builder I've tried exports all lines of code into a single line. To a browser that makes no difference, but it makes manually editing stuff really hard and slow).

      The con is it's pretty limiting. I have made a few websites with it and despite my best efforts, they all look similar. I guess that's mostly because of Bootstrap BUT Mobirise plays a role too. For example, it has no option to have the logo in the middle of the header and the links on each side, you can only have the logo on the left, links on the right and CTA button far right (I think there's a single paid theme that includes a header with the logo in the middle). You can purchase additional themes which come with their own blocs. There are also AMP themes if you wanna make AMP website that load very fast, of course those are even more limiting.

      I know Mobirise has had an Android app for years, but I never tried it cause I read it was terrible but they updated it last month and apparently it's good now (cross compatibility with Desktop app!).

      I love that Mobirise does not try to lock you into their system in any way. You are free to build something basic with Mobirise and then tweak it.

      With that said, they include hidden advertisement for Mobirise EVERYWHERE in your code. For example, you add an image, and by DEFAULT that image links to mobirise.com if clicked (I don't think you can switch that off even you buy a premium theme) and the "alt" is "mobirise" as well! Of course you can manually rename those but if you forget just one image, the link is there. Also, they include the name "mobirise" in file and folder names so you have to spend a LOT of time if you wanna remove all mentions of mobirise from the code.

    • I agree with Anna Filou. Mobirise is a stunning application. I encountered it several months ago when needed to make a small advertisement. I'm a manager in a corporate system. Needed to present our product to partners. I didn't want to ask our programmists as this task is too easy for them. I've found so many advantages for me in Mobirise bootstrap generator. I created beautiful landing-page for several hours, considering that I don't know anything about coding. This application is totally free. I used a free theme, it contains beautiful images and fonts, which I could use for free. I even published my site successfully and fo free. I'm in love with Mobirise responsive website builder.

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    Tars PPC Chatbots

    Your pay-per-click static landing page stands no chance

    Ish Jindal
    Ish JindalFounder, Tars · Written
    Ish Jindal made this product
    Not your usual landing page builder. Tars helps you create conversational landing pages which makes the entire user acquisition process more engaging. Higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead is why you should use it.
    • Mark Idzik
      Mark IdzikMarketer

      We love using TARS and mainly use to create landing pages for campaigns and for website customer service. It's the best way to increase conversions and engagement in our experience. Overall best bot system we've found and highly recommend to all online marketing pros.

    • Melissa Wheeler-Blair
      Melissa Wheeler-BlairOwner, Cultivating Sales, LLC

      I bought this about a year ago and love it. I've bought and/or tried others and nothing compares. I find it so easy to use. Fun actually. Plus Ish and Vinit are always there to help. I've already made one nice commission from their affiliate program with more to come. One of my favorite tools to use so now I'm starting to sell chatbot development over some of my other work. I'm excited to see where they continue to take the system.

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    Startup Framework 2.0

    Create a beautiful, responsive website in under an 1 hour

    Andrian Valeanu
    Andrian Valeanu4Web designer and indie maker💡. 🇲🇩<->🇪🇸 · Written
    Andrian Valeanu made this product
    A bootstrap-based landing page builder with a good and fresh design. Startup Framework saves you time and energy with an effortless platform to build a fully designed website.
    Good for web developers!
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    Grid.studio (beta)

    Build progressive websites with simple drag'n'drop 🚀

    Lisa Apers
    Lisa ApersFreelance Digital Designer · Written
    Lisa Apers made this product
    If you want something light, flexible and easy to use 😉
  16. Oer 150+ templates to choose from. Simplest drag and drop editor. Integrates with any email service. And the best part: cost is on the lower side. And that too is one time instead of recurring per month.
  17. Sven
    SvenDeveloper, Sven Creations · Written
    Sven made this product
    Create a stunning cinematic web intro for your product launch. It is easy to customize. Get your coming soon / landing page for your product ready in minutes. Have you ever been fascinated by “Apple – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds” advert? Our product is kinda similar. A typographic Intro. It is a typographic intro HTML template for your product landing page, coming soon page. Just good rhythm and typography. You just replace the words using stomp generator provided with the download package and insert images, if necessary. It’s that simple. It’s not just an intro. It’s a complete HTML template for coming soon, landing pages. It includes a contact form, subscription popup, countdown timer, about us section, portfolio section and what not? It’s just complete enough to be a trend in the industry.
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    Automated landing page design

    ahounou khaled
    ahounou khaledtechnology lover and voracious reader · Written
    easy-to-setup. Great design. unlimited features for free
    • Robin Good
      Robin GoodPublisher of T5 tools.robingood.com

      I am impressed. This is a super handy tool that does a fantastic job in helping entrepreneurs build landing pages that look professional without having to buy into expensive or complex to use publishing tools.

    • Knight 
      Knight Newbie Make | ProductizeHQ | WebhookHQ

      It's our favourite launching page builder, bought a single site some time ago and when maker change it into subscription based, kudos for the maker to offer all the paid user for free 1 year subscription.

  19. Multifunctional,Huge Pack Modern Design UI Kit. It is the Biggest library of UI kit ever. Creation is the perfert startup Web UI kit for designers and developers. It is a huge pack UI kit with over 1700 fully customized blocks and 250+ sample pages.
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    Unicorn Platform 🦄

    Modern landing page generator for startups

    Alexander Isora 🦄
    Alexander Isora 🦄Founder @ Unicorn Platform. · Written
    Alexander Isora 🦄 made this product
    I'm building Unicorn Platform because I feel that the market lacks a landing page generator with a truly great design. Unicorn Platform is #1 of the day and #2 of the week with 1100+ upvotes 🤘Try and tell what you think.
    • Akshay Kadam(A2K)
      Akshay Kadam(A2K)Maker of all things JavaScript 😘

      I've used this few weeks ago & was absolutely in awe of it. The design is really clean & the templates are so amazing. Its the most modern landing page generator I've ever seen & that too made by a solo person in very less time.

    • Ferruccio Balestreri
      Ferruccio BalestreriMaker // Student

      Used this for the launch of klipped.in and I couldn’t have made a better decision!