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What are the best tools for comparing prices while shopping online?

We recently launched a product to help music fans compare prices and save money when buying concert tickets. We've likened it to 'the KAYAK for concerts' but are looking for some other analogous products that help compare prices from multiple vendors at the same time. Any suggestions?
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    Hot deals and cash back just one click away

    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    If you are interested in great deals, make sure to sign up for free at Ebates. This free member only site has been offering the best online deals with cash back
  2. 5
    Wait For Savings

    Found a product but not at the price you are willing to pay?

    BrittDigital Marketing & Ecommerce · Written
    An app called Wait for Savings is super helpful too, especially when you know only a one or two places sell an item. It will alert you when an item price has dropped.
  3. I'm not sure if this strictly qualifies for what you're looking for, but Honey is an awesome browser extension which automatically searches for coupon codes that have saved me quite a bit of money over time.
    J.L.MFunemployed. · Written
    Honey is good stuff, despite its... well, you'll see. It tracks items on Amazon and I think other sites for price changes- so for instance, if you opt on Amazon to track a pair of 100$ shoes, you just click the honey extension thing and it will put it on the "droplist", emailing you when the price drops. You also are enrolled in an incentive-cash-back sorta deal, entitled "HoneyGold" - for instance, for every dollar earned at Macy's (They have a rather extensive list of participating retailers. Like, lots.) you can earn 1-5% of "HoneyGold" (They say up to 20% but I have yet to see that. I believe they randomly pick how much you earn- This I learned from experience). So 1 HoneyGold is 10 cents or something like that. But guess what? (Here comes the sarcasm) It only takes up to 3 months before your HoneyGold is balanced into your account! And once you get 1,000 HoneyGold you get a real-life gift card worth 10 bucks! So those hundreds I spent at I get to spend it on a Starbucks card worth 1 drink that I can spill on my $100 pants!
  4. Mouad Anani
    Mouad AnaniSoftware Engineer from Canada · Written
    I use it to compare price from any website, really usefull
  5. Sudharsan Rajagopal
    Sudharsan RajagopalSoftware Developer - Backend services · Written
    Good shopping tool for comparing the prices
  6. Jihyung Kang made this product
    It supports to create wishlist with any product from any online store, and send alerts when the price drops!
  7. Julia Stent
    Julia StentCo-Founder & CEO, Spotter · Written
    Simple browser extension for price comparison
  8. Miguel Florido Velasco
    Miguel Florido VelascoSenior software engineer trivago · Written
    If you want to compare prices of products, this web app lets you search for any product and compare its price on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and BestBuy.