What is the best meeting scheduler for teams?

I am looking for a tool that would integrate with my team member's calendar a easily find free spots we can meet and then send those free spots to pick from to other person we need to meet with. Thanks for your help
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    For use within a team, you should try out Flock. It has a meeting scheduler integration using which you can manage your entire team's calendar. You can create a meeting schedule with a primary agenda and location, and invite members to it. It also allows you to create multiple time-slots for individuals to choose from. Did I mention that Flock's free to use? It's also a cross-platform product. Works on mobile devices too. Oh, and there's an appear.in integration too!
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    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    Milan ChhedaSoftware Developer · Written
    An excellent effortless video collaboration tool.
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    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    Sunil Neurgaonkar8Genius-Nerd-Entrepreneur-Philanthropist · Written
    Calendly is the best meeting scheduler out there! Let Calendly know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you, share your link and let people pick a time and the event is added to your calendar. It's that simple.
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    Easiest way to find the best time for a group to meet

    Nick Abouzeid36Words at Product Hunt ✌️ · Written
    When2Meet allows everybody to choose ranges of time that work for them over the course of preset number of days & shows where the majority of you overlap. I used to be a Doodle fanboy, but switched to When2Meet because they allow people to select specific ranges of their free time (as opposed to Doodle, which differentiates between being free from 2PM-3PM, 2:30PM-3:30PM, and 3PM-4PM. Tedious!). 🙅 I'm hesitant to trust AI & other such softwares until the bugs get worked out (eg. scheduling a coffee at a coffee shop that is closed at 9PM at night). This is low-tech, efficient, and free. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
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  5. Enterprising Josh made this product
    If you are looking for something free and unlimited, Bitrix24 is really good. Think of it as Slack + Google Calendar + Dropbox in one.
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    Simple online scheduling tool for group meetings

    Jeff ReifmanFounder, MeetingPlanner.io · Written
    Jeff Reifman made this product
    Meeting Planner has the best drag and drop calendar for suggesting meeting times of any scheduling tool.