Anna Komok
Anna KomokMarketing, HypeAuditor

What are the best tools for influencer analysis?

In most cases, influencer content looks great. numbers of followers, likes, and comments also seem promising, but do you use any in-depth analysis of influencer? What metrics do you track?
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    Auditor for Instagram

    Analyze any Instagram account for fake followers and likes

    Leo Zhavoronkov made this product
    This tool displays: - Audience demography - Audience quality breakdown (amount of massfollowers, fake profiles, influencers and real people) - Engagement authentity It's very convenient that it also have a single metric, which represents the overall influencer quality (AQS). It makes it easy to compare influencers side by side
    • Tanya von Varchmin
      Tanya von VarchminI do social media.

      As a social media consultant dealing with bloggers/influencer marketing on the daily basis, for me this kind of tool is truly an amazing asset. I was using some other tools but they were not as convenient and not as accurate. I have been playing with it all day and so far I simply love it.

    • Halyna Tarasenko
      Halyna TarasenkoContent Marketing/Copywriter

      Instagram marketeers should be more than happy to use a tool like that: fake followers and automated likes, poor reachability - those are valuable data to consider before contacting influencers. Albeit, it took several minutes to analyze one account, I believe the process can be (and will be) accelerated in the future. Also, I would like to see if I can play with data: check certain points for report, compare two or more accounts.