ColinThe Accountant

What SAAS or software can help automate our company's bookkeeping?

I know that there are some startups working on software to significantly reduce the work needed in bookkeeping. Does anyone know of any that actually work well?
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    Beautiful accounting software.

    James Gill
    James GillCEO, GoSquared · Written
    Can't recommend Xero highly enough – they're growing like crazy and have integrations with almost everything you need. Lots of accountants also use Xero under the hood anyway – at least in Europe.
    • Mira Dobes
      Mira Dobesco-founder of vidello

      We use Xero to control our income, expanses, VAT predictions. Great tool. It takes a while find out how to control all over Xero but in the end it is huge time server and we know pretty sure how the business stands.

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    Bookkeeping for startups, powered by humans and software

    You should check out Pilot.
    • Ivo Parashkevov
      Ivo ParashkevovCo-founder, Charlie

      In my mind, this is the best option for startup bookkeeping right now. It's already pretty good, and bound to only get better as more of it gets automated. To my pleasant surprise, the (human) team was very responsive in answering questions or addressing concerns as things popped up.

    • We elected to use Pilot at Parabol a couple of months ago. Switching to them has been easy. On-boarding a cinch. And, their non-robotic colleagues were able to suggest some great changes to our chart of accounts. Would recommend!

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    Free financial software for your small business

    ShyjalFounder, · Edited
    One of the best & free automated bookkeeping solution
  4. Alex Bush
    Alex BushAuthor of · Written
    Quickbooks is a great solution for that. They have lots of version of this software for companies, self-employed, etc. It has went through many iterations over the years and the most reliable solution I could find.
  5. Nate Sanden
    Nate SandenEntrepeneur, · Written
    Haven't used it yet but heard a lot of good things. Also happened to work with one of the founders for a short time. Great guy.
  6. Gary Riger
    Gary RigerFounder at BKLYN · Written
    Surprised Noone mentioned Freshbooks. They've been good to me for 3 years and counting.
    Gary Riger
    Gary RigerFounder at BKLYN · Written
    Surprised Noone mentioned Freshbooks. They've been good to me for 3 years and counting.
  7. eelco || and much more · Written
    Oficin makes email receipts management as simple as forwarding them to your own AI assistant. In the background it will take care of extracting the price, convert it to your home currency and make it into a clear monthly overview.
  8. As the name suggests it automatically enters your bills and invoices into Xero or QBO. They also convert bank statements into csv's so that you can bring in historical bank data into Xero and QBO
  9. Automatic download and categorization of expenses from bank and cards. Produces ongoing reports including taxes. Mobile app.
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    Tiller Money

    The only automatic sync of financial data into Google Sheets

    Automatic daily import of bank and financial transactions into Google Sheets with powerful templates to get you started (or build your own). Money management pretty much always ends up in spreadsheets one way or another - Tiller removes the tedium of manually importing bank and credit card CSVs etc. Tiller's new AutoCat Docs Add-On categorizes expenses directly in Sheets based the rules you set.
  11. Gareth Morgan
    Gareth MorganCEO, Metareal Inc. · Written
    QBO is super easy to use, includes payroll and invoicing, and has integrations with everything you can think of. We use QBO with ReceiptBank so nobody ever has to manually do expense reports, and it's natively plugged into our payments processor.
  12. Corpa
    CorpaWhere Work is Mobile · Written
    Creative teams use Corpa to redefine work and workflows. Build, integrate, automate and run processes, workflows, tasks, communication, reports, and dashboards in one mobile app.