Gareth Fuller
Gareth FullerSoftware Developer at @Bitbonds

What are the best browser extensions for organising & tagging bookmarks?

I'm looking for a nice to use tool for organising and tagging bookmarks. I've tried several apps before and always fallen back to using Chrome's native bookmark manager. Is there anything new out there that I should try out?
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  1. It's the best one that I've found so far. I used delicious for years and I really liked it. Raindrop seems to be the best replacement. One issue is that I want the default sort to be reverse chronological order and I can't figure out how to do that.
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    Bookmarks for the 21st century.

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    Can’t remember the rebranded name off hand, but I hunted these guys awhile back and it’s amazing. Definitely check them out. Super polished product.
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    Better Than Bookmarks

    This thing is a gift. I know all of you have 50 tabs open right now of things that you'll be reading later - but you don't know when later is. That's when Toby comes in - you can save things into a session and view them later, whenever you want!
    • Michael Babich
      Michael BabichEntrepreneur, hacker, and traveler.

      Downloaded. Couldn't even try it stopped by request to register account. If every minor Chrome extension would require registration for usage, it would be nightmare. There are OneTab that does similar job very good with no need to provide an email.

      This one looks like hustling to get your contacts and spam you.

    • Hannah K Zambrano
      Hannah K ZambranoSenior Executive, Mindvalley

      Downloaded the product, looks great and perfect for a big problem I have had for years with bookmarks and then later realized that my brownser home page had change to toby?!?! what?? not cool. If you will change a setting in my browser you HAVE to let me know, and if you did let me know then it was not clear AT ALL.

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    Social bookmarking for introverts

    TomWeb Gardner · Written
    Simple, concise, effective.