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Vishnu Vankayala
Vishnu Vankayala3CEO, CustomerLabs · Written
Vishnu Vankayala made this product
Track everything about users across all the apps and set up workflow in Zapier. We use Zapier for multiple purposes: a) Whenever a signup occurs on the website, we track the event using Action Recorder and send it to Zapier. Zapier then sends the event to Slack channel and Salesflare. b) When a user finishes the onboarding flow, we trigger an event. c) When we did the cold emails campaign, we synced the entire data from the campaign via Zapier from Quickmail so we know who has opened the email and who did not. If a user visits the website we were able to identify the user and push the data back into all our marketing tools. d) Pushed data back and forth from CRM to various campaign management tools for drip campaigns.