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Brittany Berger
Brittany BergerContent Marketing Strategist & Writer Β· Written
So I may or may not have written a Fetty Wap parody called Zap Queen, I love Zapier so much. I think my favorite and most useful integration is Slack, because it's completely changed the way I receive notifications and communication in *every* process. Now that's impact! What I did is create a personal productivity dashboard, pretty much. All important notifications like emails from certain recipients or with certain trigger words, new leads for my freelance business, new sales of my course...anything important gets an immediate Slack notification through Zapier so I can see it right away without having to keep my email open and check my CRM all the time, etc. I also get certain social media notifications there, a roundup of my new email subscribers each day so I can review and send personal outreach when applicable, new assignments from my clients via Trello and Asana, all piped through there. I'm "checking in" on other websites and systems so much less now! πŸ™Œ
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