Settle in for a rather complicated flow! For a property manager - Zapier can be like gold dust if you set things up correctly. We managed to create a flow which helps us to keep track of all pending requests and send out emails to the owners we deal with to let them know about the bookings. This is a multi stage zap which are the best and allows you to do multiple things. First we parse the email for the relevant information. We then send this to a database to look up part of the parsed email. From this we have the listing internal name and the details of the owner and we can use that to create an email. We can also add the booking to a CRM and add the value and finally add an activity such as 'send check in 7 days prior to check in'. Really love Zapier and the flows you can build are pretty much limited only to your imagination. Pushing out 10 stage flows with the filter, formatter and other internal zapier tools really is super powerful and will enable you to automate a lot of your business. There are a lot of tools available for commercial AirBnB hosts these days but they all either charge u per property or a % of your total earnings. This adds up and realistically you can build something just as strong on top of the tools you already use, via zapier.