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Andres Lamothe
Andres LamotheProject Manager at Wishpond · Written
Tools: Pipedrive CRM, Wishpond, Facebook Lead Ads, Zapier JS. My team and I needed to improve/automate the way we communicated to leads that were in different stages of the sales cycle. We use Facebook Leads Ads to generate cold/medium leads. Once they convert they get sent to Pipedrive CRM using Zapier. In Pipdrive we have 8 different stages of the sales cycle. New Lead, Engaged Lead, Consult Scheduled ... Won and Lost. Whenever a Lead Owner moves a lead to a different stage, we use Zapier to send the new stage details to WIshpond Marketing Automation. Wishpond then triggers a set of emails that are personalized using merge tags from the Lead Owner from Pipedirve to send emails every two days. They get sent 6 emails per stage or until move from one stage to the other by the Lead Owner. Coolest Part: Leads should never be classified as lost! When a lead owner moves a lead to the Lost Stage, we then track the lead's behaviour using Wishpond tracking pixel. If the Lead ever again visits the pricing page twice within 2 weeks, They automatically get moved to the New Lead stage in Pipedrive.
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