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What are the most essential apps for college students?

As a student, curious to hear others thoughts.
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    Creativity 365
    Jane StoneStudent at Siba · Written
    My most used apps were a part of Creativity 365 suite by Kdan Mobile - an animation app (Animation Desk), video-editing (Write-on Video), a notes app (NoteLedge), a phone scanner (Pocket Scanner) and a web markup app (Markup). I've used Write-On video quite often for creating/editing video projects for and outside of school, while NoteLedge was great for taking notes during lectures for self-study, journaling and collecting bookmarks/references. The other apps came in handy as well, although my favorites were NoteLedge and Write-on video because both were fun to use and since I used both these apps on my phone, all my projects were portable. I think this suite is a good choice for students that want to stay organized, motivated and have fun.
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    Teresa RobinsonDigital Marketing Specialist · Written
    I think the Creativity365 software has the essential apps that all students will find quite useful. Each app is unique in its own way - whether video editing, taking notes, marking up documents or creating animation. All apps work well together and separetely and are a great way for students to venture out and do something creative.
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    Automatically invest your spare change into cryptocurrency.

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Going to think a little outside the box here and go with Coinflash. College is a time to start saving money for your future, but you likely don't have too much to work with. Coinflash is a great way to start slowly investing in crypto with your spare change. Shout out to the maker, @louis_lapat :)
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    Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    One of my favorite apps and perfect for avoiding distractions when trying to study :) Set a timer for how long you cannot touch your phone. The more time you stay focused, the more coins you get to plant virtual trees in your forest (if you touch your phone, your tree dies!). The best part is that coins can eventually be used to plant real trees!
    PavelProduct Design · Written
    Great App. Use almost every day!
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    Student Kit

    Everything a student needs.

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Definitely check this out - a really great curated directory of resources and tools for students by @amrith.
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    Google Drive
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    This is an obvious one but I have no idea how students survived before being able to collaborate with Google Drive.
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    A smart notes app made for your calendar 🗓️

    Frank FeustelFounder and CEO Shelly · Written
    If you want to take notes for your lectures try Shelly. If allows you to directly add your notes to your timetable, once connected with your Google or Outlook class schedule. Perfect!
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    MikeCreator, Lanes · Written
    Mike made this product
    Lanes is big with the studyblr community and has built lots of features just for them! Pomodoro timer, notes, squads (so you can compare productivity with friends) and more neat features to keep you productive. Can't promise you an A+ in your finals, but Lanes will definitely keep you focused.
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    Mobile security is more and more important nowadays, that’s why I think no matter who you are, what you do. You will need an app to protect your phone! I am using this app called ‘AppLock’, which is amazing because it can lock all of my apps, images even videos. This app is always on my list when it comes to app recommendation. The one thing that I like the most about this app is that it can take photos of the person who’s trying to unlock your phone! This feature is really funny because I always got the intruder selfie notification from my kids. They are trying really hard to unlock my phone for video games. If you are a cautious people, you really do need one of this app.