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@miguelhammond10 MOST important, be clear about what that means. Marketer (Marketing) according to most economists (see Peter Drucker for example) is generally considered the most important role in a company BUT that's if you're actually hiring a marketer. The job of Marketing is to make Sales superfluous because they study the market and know what you should build, when, why, how, and how and where to promote it at the right price. The most successful SaaS in the world (Salesforce, Google Adwords as notable examples) know their market so well that we all seek what they do and sign up with no demo, no Sales, no call, etc. This is REALLY important in a Startup as if YOU are not clear, you WILL fail to find the right fit. Too many marketers are just glorified lead gen jockies, email senders, SEOs, and Facebook targeters... if you're looking for leads and sales, seek that. Be explicit. Any solid Startup Marketer will get so pissed off at your organization if you don't invest in what they do that your relationship won't end well ;) If you don’t yet have a reliable network of peers to which to turn, start with LinkedIn. Forget the cool new tech, HR tools, networks, etc. LinkedIn is still the tried and true network on which to vet someone’s background, skills, network, etc. It’s not right all the time, but there is no better. Start with a search for “marketing” in your industry, or through related companies, and start digging through networks to find good people. Then network network network… marketers by nature like to meet people so it isn’t hard to connect with one and start making headway to find the people recommended in your industry, where you live. How then do you attract them? The same way you hire exceptional Developers. Great marketers want a challenge, they want to do innovative work, they want to prove they can, most importantly, they want to work with a team that knows there are no right answers – at least not if you’re innovating. Treat them like a partner/investor, not a hire. More: https://seobrien.com/where-do-i-...
@miguelhammond10 @seobrien_mediatech "Great marketers want a challenge, they want to do innovative work, they want to prove they can, most importantly, they want to work with a team that knows there are no right answers – at least not if you’re innovating. Treat them like a partner/investor, not a hire." As a marketer myself, that's a great way of explaning what you want to find in that individual. Good job Paul.
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Thanks @patrick_sauriol - pisses me off how many startups relegate marketing to some employee hire later in the process of building the company. Not because I want those jobs, but because without knowing and prioritizing the Market, the startup is certain to fail.
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@miguelhammond10 if you don't know any marketers, I can see a couple of options: If someone being co-located with you matters, get along to local meetup.com events and find someone you like. If being co-located doesn't matter, then I'd take a look at CloudPeeps
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@samrye_enspiral Thanks, will check out meetup.com
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@miguelhammond10 I've found that the best marketers are organic evangelists - those that discovered the product (or service), and used it themselves, fell in love, and share the passion that the founders do. That being said - they also have to be able to clearly articulate not only the current "brand message", but to also come up with solutions that meet the needs of the customer base - its as much education as it is marketing.
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@miguelhammond10 @bags3071 I think that is great advice. As a Search Engine OPtimization specialist myself, I love working on products and services that I am particularly passionate about. Those campaigns go great!
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@miguelhammond10 As a marketer, I usually receive offers to 'have a chat' with someone through common connections. So asking around in your existing contact network definitely won't harm. I've seen instances where co-founders and founders collect a batch of contacts for a specific position, meet up with each individual and after talking to them they get the full picture of what they actually need. If after collecting all the information from potential candidates you don't feel that any of them are the right fit, then at least you have better understanding of what you're looking for and you can move on to job boards or LI.
@miguelhammond10 As a marketing staff of a SaaS venture, I think it is the most important value for SaaS company to pay attention to the execution and judgment of the marketing staff. As a salesperson, you can't question your boss's strategy, because you are the promoter of the boss's program. The most important thing for you to consider is how to maximize your boss's creativity. At the same time, for SaaS company, customers are very important. You have to judge every day where you can find your potential customers best, what contents to attract your customers.
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@miguelhammond10 make sure to define the task list as it is a vague expression. Look for soft skills and projects completed, milestones achieved. Don't trust only the big numbers, in marketing it's easy to provide you with misleading data. Problem-solving attitude is a must especially for those working with growth and performance marketing.