🏆 What Golden Kitty Award categories do you wish existed?

Every year, we nominate our favorite teams and products for a Golden Kitty Award. Taking your suggestions for the next generation of categories! 😻
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Stefan Miodrag@stefanmiodrag · Making techy-codey-computery stuff.
@producthunt Best Young Maker
Sam Couch@samuelcouch · Engineer // People Person
@producthunt Also Best Old Maker
Jonathan Gresley@jonathan_gresley · Founder
@producthunt best design / UX
Mubashar Iqbal@mubashariqbal · 2016 Maker of the Year. Indie Hacker.
@producthunt Best side project
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
@producthunt Best comments, Community leader, Top Hunt, Weirdest product, Longest streak
Sai Krishna@magicofspade · Graphic Designer
@producthunt Unique hunt of the year!
Vadim Nekhai@vadim_nekhai · Chief Marketing Officer at Depositphotos
@producthunt Best design tool
@producthunt best crypto tool for begineer
Sean Han@seanjameshan · Developer & Designer
@producthunt @shakks second this
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Founder, Anytable 🍜
@producthunt Biggest Social Impact! ❤️
Javi@ios_javi · Digital Comm Major. Future PM.
@producthunt Best Sketch Tool
Javi@ios_javi · Digital Comm Major. Future PM.
@producthunt Best Slack Integration
Javi@ios_javi · Digital Comm Major. Future PM.
@producthunt Best Slack Bot
A Singh@asingh2 · Tech obsessed student.
@producthunt most helpful on ask
Daylen@askdaylen · Student and Wikipedian in Vancouver
@producthunt Best product/company name (example - Eatsa's official name was previously Keenwawa, they serve quinoa bowls in case you didn't already know)
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Sheriff Ventures
@producthunt Best pet app hunted lol and yes I'm a little bias lol
Eugine Dychko@eugine_dychko · Marketing manager Depositphotos
@producthunt Best design tool or Best design tool for non-designers
Valentin Pivovarov@valentin_pivovarov · Managing Director PatentBot
@producthunt legaltech solution
Yuriy Krisarchuk@yuriy_krisarchuk · Marketing at photolemur.com
@producthunt photography solution
Tushar Gupta@madebytushar · Product Designer & Maker.
@producthunt Best Chatbot!
Ilo Rivero@irivero · CTO@Safe2Med
@producthunt Best UX
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