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What are the best resources for a beginner to bitcoin trading?

I have been reading up on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a while, so I can invest and make money. What are some tools, trackers, exchanges, wallets and analysis resources you'd suggest?
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    The easiest place to buy and sell digital currency

    Nicholas UptonExplorer of food, tech and connection. · Written
    Finally something that is actually intuitive, behaves like other apps and doesn't make you think, "Well, I guess my identity is getting stolen today." Happy to pay a fee on transactions for that peace of mind.
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Coinbase is without a doubt the easiest place for a beginner to buy bitcoin. It also serves as a safe place to store bitcoin, ether, and litecoin if you don't want to manage your private keys on your own.
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    Roberts BiteHead of digital MFG · Written
    Coinbase is super easy for beginners, but be ready that you will encounter downtime as soon as markets start to move a bit more. - Temporary outages are standard for crypto exchanges, but coinbase seems to handle them a bit better than others (kraken for example). + 1 click buying with creditcard works great as well.
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    Trello-style Cryptocurrency news aggregator 🦁

    Alexander Isora 🦄CEO @ Unicorn Platform, website builder · Edited
    Alexander Isora 🦄 made this product
    When it comes to trading, one should follow all the news and events that happen in the Bitcoin ecosystem 🚀 I recommend It is a simple cryptocurrency news aggregator that I have created. collects data from multiple API and displays info in a form of friendly Trello-style cards. Currently, 100 top coins are supported, and the number is growing.
    Alexander Isora 🦄CEO @ Unicorn Platform, website builder · Written
    Alexander Isora 🦄 made this product
    Fun fact: is the most popular cryptocurrency news tracker in Hungary 🤔
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    Keep track of all your cryptocurrency & ICO investments.

    Nicolas Van HoordeCo-Founder & CEO @ ∆ Delta · Written
    Nicolas Van Hoorde made this product
    Great to keep track of your investments and to watch price movement of any coin.
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  4. Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Bittrex is my favorite exchange - it has an intuitive UI, it's fast and doesn't experience connectivity issues like other exchanges (cough Poloniex cough). It has all the currencies you'd want to trade as a beginner trader.
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    Crypto-currency market capitalizations

    Tim MacchiGrowth @ TeamGantt · Written
    The most popular market analysis tool for crypto
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    Stay up to date with the crypto markets you want to watch. 📈

    Josh PettyKeep calm and HODL on ✌️ · Written
    Josh Petty made this product
    I reccomend Coindex. Its a simple and beautiful price tracker!
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    The latest bitcoin news, prices, charts, guides and analysis

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    CoinDesk is a great resource for keeping up with bitcoin and blockchain news. You should also follow thought leaders in the space on Twitter (they should be able to find easily by a quick Google search).
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  8. It's really amazing Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet, You can easily purchase and keep track of bitcoin and ethereum in one place.
    It's really amazing Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet, You can easily purchase and keep track of bitcoin and ethereum in one place.
  9. Buying and selling BTC, LTC and ETH in BRL
  10. Good news and guides for beginners
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    A chrome extension for Tracking real-time price of Bitcoin.

    Abiodun made this product
    CoinTrack helps you track the latest price of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum without leaving your browser. PS: I'm the maker of this product. shameless promotion though. :)
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  12. SachinFreelance Webflow Designer · Written
    If you're interested in learning how to trade successfully by making use of Technical analysis, this is a must checkout.
  13. It’s the software I use personally to mine.
  14. Abhishek RamachandranCommunity Management at Smartron · Written
    Hi @Kesav I would suggest bitstamp if you want to get the bitcoins for cheap as almost all exchanges in India are selling bitcoin for 15-25% premium over the international rates. I won't suggest coinbase unless you have a relative or friend (whom you can trust) in an european country or Australia, Singapore etc. as coinbase still doesn't support trading in India. Zebpay, Coinome and Coinsecure are my recommendations if you wish to trade in an Indian exchange. You can keep the bitcoins at the exchange wallet (which means they are controlling the private keys for you) but I'm damn sure that you got to know about the recent hack news. So I recommend you to buy a hardware wallet like Trezor (which I'm using) or Ledger Nano S and control the private key yourself. To track the price volatility (for bitcoin), I recommend you to visit or tradingview. You can follow some great twitter handles for more insights. Like ... Max Keiser, Andreas, Lopp etc. Personal Recommendation: Don't buy BCH or BCC (aka Bitcoin cash, aka Bcash) thinking that is bitcoin because that campaign is there all over internet. Roger, Craig and Juhan is behind this and this spoils the idea of a decentralised financial system. There is only one bitcoin, which is BTC. Happy trading :) #BTCisBitcoin #BcashIsBcrash
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  15. Oscar ManxzPrincipal, Product Design @Ripple · Written
    Oscar Manxz made this product
    Easy guide to help you buy digital currencies not supported by coinbase.
  16. Zandra KubotaArtist, techie, · Written
    Lower fees than coinbase, but trading in multiple cryptocurrencies is possible. Only to withdraw in USD, you need to link a Coinbase account.
    Anthony Da MotaI upvote things that matter. · Written
    You are only able to withdraw in USD since you must be in a USD-only area. In from France, and I can withdraw in EUR, but not in USD :)
  17. All the latest breaking news on all things happening in the crypto world. This is a must if you want to be informed in your buying/selling decisions.
  18. High quality illustrated guides written in plain English to help beginners learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
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    The First Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    If you want to store your private keys yourself (which you should), the Trezor is probably the most popular hardware wallet. Once you do a little reading on how hardware wallets work, it's super easy to setup and understand.
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    All your crypto trades synchronized with no hassle

    willeehCTO, Andjoy · Written
    willeeh made this product
    Automatic synchronization between multiple exchanges!