Sara Campbell
Sara CampbellWriter of Tiny Revolutions, mktr at Pakt

Now that Medium has gone premium, is it still the best place for a new startup to blog?

I'm about to start our blog for Arsenal and want to do it in the best place.
Paul O'Brien
Paul O'Brien@seobrien_mediatech · Founder, MediaTech Ventures
@janedonuts "Best" is a highly subjective opinion. Same thing was said about Geocities, MySpace, and Tumblr. Nothing at all wrong with Medium taken for what it is; I use it extensively! But keep in mind that it is always and forever Medium, not "YOUR" site in the sense that most would consider that context. Here's a pretty thorough way to look at it:
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell@janedonuts · Writer of Tiny Revolutions, mktr at Pakt
@seobrien_mediatech This is super helpful. Thanks for sharing.