Sara Campbell
Sara CampbellWriter of Tiny Revolutions, mktr at Pakt

Now that Medium has gone premium, is it still the best place for a new startup to blog?

I'm about to start our blog for Arsenal and want to do it in the best place.
Jason Paden
Jason Paden@jasonpadenaz · Webmaster, Jason Paden
@janedonuts I don't believe it was ever the best place for startups and new blogs. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When you start something new, you need to build your brand, something you cannot possibly do effectively at Medium. Don't take my word for it, read what start up Mentor, Kevin Indig, wrote in a recent blog post about what startups and new blogs should not be doing... "Without further ado, here’s what you should not do: 1. Using Medium as preferred blogging platform The most important goal to accomplish for a new brand is to build “domain authority”. You want Google to recognize your brand as a brand and not another “word”. That’s even more important when your startup’s name is “generic”, like “Apple”. Google knows that when people search for “apple”, they want the brand, not the fruit."
Sara Campbell
Sara Campbell@janedonuts · Writer of Tiny Revolutions, mktr at Pakt
@jasonpadenaz Good point. However, the point of using Medium is to drive traffic and build awareness. I think the suggestion above to do both is the best here.