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What's the most feature filled and cost effective email client?

My inbox is my To-Do list. Email client must be have native iOS and Mac apps
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    Polymail Pro

    The ultimate email productivity app for business 💌

    Halsey Huth
    Halsey HuthVenture Investor at Hodl Ventures · Written
    Personally, this is my favorite email app. It has a very large feature set and they add new stuff all the time. Has both Mac and iOS apps.
    Got every feature you could dream of! And it's designed so simple!
    • Mars
      MarsM ▌ ≡ ◣ ▀ ▐▐ ▃

      - When you scroll down on longer emails it bugs out and wont let you scroll

      ( this seems to be a new bug )

      - You cant see search the sent and inboxes and trashes of individual accounts

      - Some lag time between actually getting emails from gmail accounts

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    Lightning fast mail client for OS X

    For me, Airmail has been the most efficient by far. Mainly for the following reasons: -Scheduling emails -Cancel email sent -It never crashes -It is light -It is fast -Great editing features -Great IMAP management
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    Spark by Readdle

    Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

    Beautiful, functional, light and native apps across iOS, macOS and watchOS