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What are some creative custom gift ideas?

What is the most creative custom gift you have received or been gifted? Looking for creative custom gifts. What company made them? Price point would be helpful too. Thanks!
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    Sticker Mule Marketplace

    Easiest way to buy and sells stickers.

    Lisa Dziuba
    Lisa Founder · Written
    Well, I love stickers)) The best one I got from Marvel with funny texts an real-life issue (like "move it 2 pixels left")
  2. michael felix made this product
    You asked for customizable, so here goes: customizable shoelaces as a service. Recipients of the gift receive a card in the mail with a secret code that unlocks their shoelace makeover consultation. They can pick a custom length, style, color, and pattern. The laces are made to order and mailed to the recipient in a shiny gold tube! Starts at $10.
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