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Best VPN client

I'm looking for a VPN service for all my devices. Which one are the best and in what way: price, will not sell my data, speed etc.
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    Secure your data and hide your IP address behind a bear.

    Saurabh Hooda
    Saurabh HoodaCo-founder, Hackr.io · Written
    I've using TunnelBear for long and am pretty happy with it. Works flawlessly every time.
    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash Jain5Customer Success / Growth · Written
    Simple, hasslefree. Best VPN out there.
    • Ben Munson
      Ben MunsonDesign Director at Stop, Breath & Think

      VPNs are not as secure as we think. Be careful using passwords and other identifiable information through companies that may not have the same security interests as you do.

    • A great VPN that takes it's security seriously but the monthly pricing is overly expensive with no justification other than to make the yearly plan look better.

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    Control your internet on any device with the fastest VPN ⚡️

    Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed Rafy5All things Community · Written
    Apps for all the device. You can choose the fastest speed by choosing from VPN location.
    ExpressVPN isn't free but honestly, if you are using a VPN you should pay for it because if a VPN is free, they are selling your traffic. Other nice thing about ExpressVPN is that their servers don't get blocked by websites or make you do the Captcha. I use ExpressVPN in Europe to access US Netflix and it works no problem. Also works in China.
    • Scott at Meliovation
      Scott at MeliovationVacationCounts Blogger and App Developer

      Great for people who travel often and want to connect securely to hotel, airport, or public WiFi and also to set their computer or device to appear as if in their home country for personal and work purposes. Critical for travel in some countries such as China where Google and Facebook are blocked.

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    Free VPN proxy for everyone

    Dhruv Agrawal
    Dhruv AgrawalCo-founder, Shipsy · Written
    For personal use on laptop and mobile devices Hola is a really good free VPN client
    Innotech Solutions
    Innotech SolutionsWeb Development: www.innotechsol.co · Written
    The best one which I am using it's FREE and PAID the VPN Name is: Hola VPN Check out it.
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    The sexiest Mac app for VPN

    Krystel Leal
    Krystel LealFounder Nomadismo Digital Portugal · Written
    Super easy to use, great design and it's very stable. I totally recommend NordVPN.
    I got a NordVPN subscription for 3 years with a heavy discount. I haven't had a bad experience with it yet.
    Joël Kai Lenz
    Joël Kai LenzSocial Community Builder · Written
    I use NordVPN for my third year counting. Watch out for their discounts! I signed up for 3 years and saved 70%! Great service, easy to use and most of all super intuitive!
  5. PortonVPN is free and they don't sell your traffic data. They also are the team behind ProtonMail. I would recommend checking them out.
    Effective, multi-platform and part of a company that is constantly developing new services with a focus on privacy and security.
    ProtonMail rocks for privacy! Haven't tried their VPN as I use Private internet Access, but this would be only other option for me.
  6. A decentralized VPN that is currently on in beta right now, so users can try them out for free. Sentinel is decentralized so to host nodes it is permissionless allowing for a distributed and diverse mesh. Unlike NordVPN and other popular providers who claim to not sell your data, there is no guarantee, whereas in Sentinel there is no intermediary risk due to the decentralized structure of it. They currently have an Android, Windows and Mac application.
    I use the dVPN free app in my phone everyday and works very well, 100% recommend
    Free to use fully anonymous open sourced VPN with no logging, been using ever since first version of it came out nearly 2 years ago and I must say it has improved significantly.
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    Private Internet Access

    $40/yr VPN w/ unlimited bandwidth & worldwide gateways

    I use this on my Linux desktop and mobile devices for privacy and security features. Only other option would be ProtonVPN and use their ProtonMail accounts.
    Why isn't this higher? Not only do they have incredible pricing, their performance/apps are incredible.
    I've used a few VPNs and PIA is the best. The apps used to be a bit janky, but are now fantastic. Also, they DO NOT log your activity, unlike other VPNs.
  8. Liza Shambra
    Liza Shambra8SMM manager at KeepSolid Inc. · Written
    Liza Shambra made this product
    Superb speeds, excellent 24/7 customer-service support, wide compatibility across devices, a whopping 10 simultaneous connections available at any time.
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    Amina Yepisheva made this product
    The app is excellent for watching streaming services and for traveling as well. Thanks to special KeepSolid Wise protocol VPN Unlimited works smoothly in China and in any other country where the use of VPNs is blocked.
  9. Anonymous payment and signup, great speed, supports all devices desktop and mobile, supports Wireguard, no logs policy, great guides and support, cheap and easy recurring payments.
  10. Best one - I've been living in China and WindScribe was the only one which did not let me down (ExpressVPN and NordVPN did not work)
    Sam Dickie
    Sam DickieProduct Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta · Written
    Been using this for a while since Tunnel Bear was acquired by Norton. Free tier is great for personal use - good ios app too!
  11. To be honest, this software is top-notch compared with other free software of the same type. It's very fast. You can see the resolution of 1080P from YouTube's video. It's much better than those fully paid VPNs, and the operators have excellent service and can communicate directly with each other when there are problems.
    Vis Lee
    Vis Leelove the world · Written
    Great pick!
    I have been using this VPN for half a year, and I have been a fan of it. I also recommended it to my friends. Although he has a free server, I still recharge it. The SVIP server is better and faster. Their staff are also very nice, they often chat with me, we often exchange ideas, hope they can do better
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    Fastest and simplest VPN for all devices

    Cheap and effective.
  13. Super easy integration, supports nearly all continents and countries. Quite fast and extremely reliable.
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  15. Đức
    ĐứcComputer Science student · Written
    Great policies and features for privacy and security. Stable network performance. Ease of use is bad though, only recommended to tech people.
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    The best VPN to keep you safe and secure

    Noah Mittman
    Noah Mittmansputnik7.com/RESFEST alumnus · Written
    Formerly Cloak VPN, it's The Sweet Setup's VPN pick (https://thesweetsetup.com/apps/b...)
  17. I used this overseas in many countries. Thought the price point was good and enjoyed being able to choose where my connection was.
  18. 1 by Cloudflare

    The Internet’s fastest, privacy-first DNS resolver

    I've used it for months now - extremely fast and reliable. From what I've read, this is a non-for-profit with a great security/privacy setup.
    • Vivek Rp
      Vivek RpHead of Marketing @ ApnaComplex. ex-PayU

      Have been using Cloudflare to speed up my websites for many years, love the product. is really really fast. Even the Google AdWords loads in seconds which normally takes atleast 2-3 mins time :p

    • Nate Ritter
      Nate RitterCEO Perfect Space / CTO Hotels for Hope

      What else is there to know?