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Anyone know of a website builder for pre-launching a product?

Anyone know any simple website builders with the purpose of creating a pre launch site? Somewhere you can customize the layout and look without code, collect emails and hookup your domain?
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    Weblium 2.0.

    🚀 Turbo AI website building tool

    Yara Nevmerzhitskaya3Lead seo specialist, marketer · Written
    you should try it! really amazing website builder
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    Ship by Product Hunt

    A toolkit for makers to ship awesome products ⛵

    Tejas Kinger23SaaS Product Marketing @ Hiver HQ · Written
    Ship by Product Hunt is possibly your best bet here. :)
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    Landing Pages in MailChimp

    Easy to build, custom landing pages for free

    Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    MailChimp just launched it and it should be easy to put email sign up form there.
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    Sell anything directly to anyone.

    Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    This is a payment system, where you are creating a description of your product. It has an option to charge for future products. So you can just put text and buy button there :)
  5. Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    super simple landing page builder
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    it's one is also very easy to use for making a simple landing page. And pricing is very affordable.
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Lisa Dziuba6FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    a bit more complex solution for making the landing page, but still a neat option
  8. Tarun GangwaniProduct, dev.twitch.tv · Written
    A/B testing, integrations to other services for e-mail, and easy beautiful pages.
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    Simple Mobile Optimized Landing Page

    Simple and easy to build!
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    Build simple websites on your phone

    Andrey Pyankov made this product
    You can do all of those in Airsite. From the comfort of your phone :D