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What are practical alternatives to Google?

Google is great, if you're willing to accept that it knows and keeps track of everything you're thinking. πŸ‘€ What are some indie alternatives, and more established products that you can use instead? πŸ€”
@levelsio just had a πŸ”₯ tweet about this πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/levelsio/sta... Indie alternatives to Google: πŸ” Search -> http://DuckDuckGo.com πŸ“Š Analytics -> http://Amplitude.com ✈️ Flights -> http://Kiwi.com πŸ’Œ Mail -> http://FastMail.com 🎈 AdSense -> http://BuySellAds.com 🏒 Storage -> http://BackBlaze.com
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@levelsio @nivo0o0 DuckDuckGo is awesome. Highly recommend it!
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www.ecosia.org is a search engine that plants trees!
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It's definitely by no means indie, but the whole nation of China operates out of Google's purview and they seem to be doing ok on that front, except the whole "keeps track of you" part. Search - Baidu Youtube - Youku Maps - Baidu Maps Drive - Baidu Yunpan Cloud - AWS Analytics - Baidu Tonji
@jim_zhou But Baidu is definitely not a good alternative to Google. There are so many false ads in its results, and misleading info can even get a higher rank than real results because of the binding rank system. And it doesn't work so well when you are using non-Chinese for keywords.
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@jim_zhou sorry you are not making any sense here. The question says: "Google is great, if you're willing to accept that it knows and keeps track of everything you're thinking." which means we are here to discuss about products that are (1) not Google and (2) doesn't track, learn and "know" about you. And, well, Baidu is probably one of the worst companies on the aspect of securing users' data/information from both themselves and others. Not only does Baidu track you, learn about you, know you, scrutinize you, Baidu also surveils you on behalf of the Big Brother, exposes you to God-Knows-Who, and trades you as a set of records to whoever pays. This is a company that simply doesn't know about the things called "ethics" and "Morality". And let alone problems mentioned by Weiyi Kong above. Baidu won't make a substitution to Google. Never. In fact, if Baidu is not a Chinese country, it should has already been sued and gone bankrupted for countless times. And let's be honest. In a country like China, there's no such thing as privacy. p.s. Yes the whole nation of China operates without Google. That's not wrong. Think about why Google isn't here. That's also exactly why there is Baidu and why Chinese start to forget about Google while Baidu does a whole lot more bad than good.
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@hesperiashimo I read the question as asking about easily accessible alternatives to Google, and of course Baidu doesn't serve as a Google substitute but it serves as an alternative nonetheless. Sorry about the confusion!
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Search: πŸ¦† πŸ¦† Go Docs, Sites, Calendar: Zoho (not "indie" per se but Zoho One is an awesome comeback) Maps: Waze Browser: Ghost Browser (chromium based, but without the tracking)
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@larrykokoszka Google owns Waze...
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An alternative to DuckDuckGo can be https://www.qwant.com/. A lot of ways to search something, including references in news, social media, videos and images. The only major googles features missing are translation and maps (and mail but beyond point).
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Try www.qwant.com lovely UI & UX
www.lilo.org finances social & environmental projects through your researches
According to this post (in Chinese): https://blog.yitianshijie.net/20... Search ->DuckDuckGo Gmail -> iCloud, Outlook, ProtonMail, FastMail Calendar -> iCloud Map -> Apple Map (Although it's not a good choice) Chrome -> Safari, Firefox
πŸ“¨ Email: I've been a huge fan of Soverin ever since I saw their launch here on PH https://soverin.net *Bonus you can use your own domain and if you'd like can sign up for your own web page. Not the greatest UI but then again I use together with Spark πŸ” Search: Gotta agree with @nivo0o0, DuckDuckGo is the way to go! 🏒 Storage: For me SpiderOak's suite of storage tools is the best, truly secure! https://spideroak.com/one/ Otherwise maybe Cryptomator together with DB: https://cryptomator.org/
DuckDuckGo also has a "!" feature, where you can type, for example, "!foo" into the website and it'll search "foo.com" for whatever you're looking for. Google does this natively in Chrome, but DuckDuckGo having this functionality has made it an ultra convenient alternative for me. You can set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in every browser except for Chrome on iOS (not sure about Android.) Chrome will not allow you to use DuckDuckGo on your phone - but Firefox will.
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Well all the good stuff that is current is above for sure and lots of good choices, if you are looking for the future of search though look here https://www.bitclave.com/ decentralized search is the future :)
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DuckDuckGo and Brave. I haven't looked back since.
I totally agree with @nivo0o0 on DuckDuckGo! Visit their website (also their start page) here to read more about their policy regarding privacy: https://duckduckgo.com/. They haven't compromised on design or functionality either!
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the great and practical alternative to google - bing.com, baidu, yandex
try https://recalll.co search engine for programmers.
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Analytics - > Piwik (You own your analytics data and it's free if you self host it!)
PVBLC (https://pvblc.com/) - Is a new kind of search engine. It's not meant to be another Google (we have plenty of that), it focuses on creating an entirely new experience to search engines. When you look at it, Google (and all other search engines) haven't changed much in the last 20 years, still giving the same user experience as in their first days. With PVBLC the idea is to create something new, and reinvent the way we search and discover content, creating a search engine that is more visual, social, personal and fun. I think it's pretty cool, but I'm biased ;)
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