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What are some effective ways to get the word out about my recently launched niche app?

I'm looking for ideas other than social media as I am already doing that, to spread the word about my niche app that has recently launched. It is exclusively for the outdoors, sports and fitness enthusiast.
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@kemacopa When we launched our tool for iOS engineers, Flawless App, we work a lot with newsletters, communities groups, and Twitter. I made a huge list of things you can try for your launch. You can check all of them in GitHub Marketing for Engineers collection:
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@lisadziuba Thanks Lisa! I'll look at your collection today. Much appreciated!
@lisadziuba Amazing contribution, thank you!
@natesanden happy, that it was useful for you!
Just stumbled upon this, it seems really helpful @lisadziuba. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!
@kemacopa Make sure you're on ProductHunt, you have joined relevant Slack groups, you're posting in relevant subs on Reddit etc. Social media is a great strategy if you can target your exact market. I run, a marketplace for handpicked and pre-packaged growth gigs, so feel free to take a look there too! :)
@kemacopa @walsh_ldn What would be some relevant Slack groups?
@kemacopa @edmoneh I'd look through places like Slofile and Slacklist to search for relevant communities. Maybe even location-based Slack groups such as TechLondon etc. depending on the markets.
@edmoneh @walsh_ldn I was wondering the same so thank you both so much! I tried Reddit but you're not allowed to post a link to your own website it said. I'll look into Slofile and Slacklist for sure. I'm amazed and thrilled at the support I've been getting from the Product Hunt community! :)
@edmoneh @kemacopa Reddit is a great resource but you need to actively engage with the community because - as you mentioned - often you won't be able to post a link to your own website. I really do recommend it though! If you find relevant communities, make sure your username is something like 'ReleaseApp' and you can also reach out to users in relevant Reddit communities via personal message. I reached out to people in a particular niche by finding the Reddit subs, then personally direct messaging people - I converted quite well from that (it's not scalable, but gets you your first users + the ball rolling). Best of luck!
@edmoneh @walsh_ldn Thanks James! Again, great advice :)
@kemacopa When you search for a product similar to yours, where and how the web talks about it that will be your first target. If you can get a word there. First, you may want to consume all the points of self publishing, where you can talk about yourself. Going by any social sharing button - facebook, twitter, linkedin, g+ and so on. And then to slideshare, medium, blogs, answers on quora and so on. I myself have found many apps via Quora. Don't miss out on press release services and product discovery tools like ProductHunt :) Immediate effect - Any ad platform if you can find your niche audience there and with appropriate budget. Time consumers - Reditt and many other networks need previous participation and presence. They don't appreciate forced plugs. Success occurs there due to some strategic investment or pure tactics which may not be replicated by others. Beat the format - If they got a NYT article, can you get a podcast, if they have excellent article can you get a video. , if they got a slideshare presentation can you get a case study done, if they have 2 testimimonails can you get 10 using the same logic of formats. Lastly don't miss out on Organic SEO, little delayed but it's a must One more last thing - Just reach out to people within your network or even strangers who can help you. They will help you, ( have recieved help and helped others many times - mostly without any previous connection
Hi @santoshmaharshi. Wow, thank you for all of the ideas! Organic has been my avenue so far and I'm going to delve into your suggestions. I have no problem reaching out to people I don't even never know what might come of it. :) Again, much appreciated helpful hints!
@kemacopa Follow these steps. 1. Figure out who your early adopters are? (people who'd instantly download the app without much need to explain) 2. Find out where you'd find them in Large Groups and spread word in a way it doesn't seem like an ad. 3. Invest in building a good marketing funnel ( a good landing page + explainer video) 4. Try methods of content marketing by using platforms like Medium & Quora that promote your content automatically unlike FB and Twitter. I grew a vocabulary learning app to it's first 10K downloads through Quora and now it's at 490K downloads and never spent a dime on marketing! Cheers.
Hi @yash. Thank you so much for the great tips! My app is exclusively for the Outdoors, Sports and Fitness enthusiast to buy and sell new and used clothing, equipment and gear. I'm currently using Instagram, FB and Twitter and was in need of other avenues. This is how I found Product Hunt and all of you amazing people that have opened my eyes to platforms I have never heard of. I'm so appreciative! I'm a "retired" Special Education Teacher so my forte was not in technology...until this concept came to me. :) I have learned so much and love it! I'm going to look into Medium & Quora today and I'm familiarizing myself with Reddit and what you are and aren't allowed to do. Thank you again! Jennifer
@kemacopa I've recently become fascinated with the idea of launching communities around products, and one of the best tools I've found for that is Mighty Networks:
Hi @samrye_enspiral Thanks so much! I'll definitely check it out!
@kemacopa You can feature it on at no cost at all. They publish interviews with startups and product-related stories. Recommend!
Hi @paul_shuteyev. Thank you! I'll do that right away! Much appreciated :)
@kemacopa I would check out Instaaa by @ryanheybourn - it's a one-stop shop for exactly what you're looking for :)
@kemacopa @pav_sethi thanks Pavan! Happy to answer any questions you might have about Instaaa, Jennifer 🤗
@ryanheybourn @pav_sethi Thank you so much! I'll check out Instaaa today :)
@kemacopa Awkward being the one to state the obvious but you haven't featured Catch & Release on Product Hunt yet from what I can see, that would help! 🙂
@abadesi Thank you...don't know how to do that. I just signed up on Product Hunt yesterday and am still trying to figure out how it all works (aka now I feel awkward)
@abadesi I've completed the information to feature Catch & Release on Product Hunt, thanks to you! Hope it gets approved :)
@kemacopa by the way you have written your question, I think you know some very effective ways - e.g. I just checked out your app! On a more serious note, for an app that is selling outdoor activity gear, my immediate thought would be to get the word out in fishing/climbing/mountaineering clubs or mailing groups.
Hi @patrick_woodhead. So glad you checked out my app! I'm currently advertising in an online fishing newsletter that reaches 200,000 people twice a month and am searching for publications in the other areas you mentioned. Thanks for your suggestion about the clubs as I didn't think of that! :)
@kemacopa Hello! In my experience, being active on all your social media platforms is extremely important. Networking with people who might be interested in your app is a great way to promote it. Another good social media sharing strategy is recycling your shared posts. For example, after checking your app's website I noticed that you don't have a blog (but maybe I am wrong and I just didn't see it). Sharing blog entries from your app's website is also quite effective, especially if people find them interesting. To recycle what you share on social media you can use our social media sharing tool (you get 1-month free trial upon signing up if you want to try it) - Best of luck!
@post66app Thanks so much! I didn't think about recycling my shared posts...great idea. I do not have a blog on my website as it is a landing page for my app. I've been looking into starting a blog and am still working on that :)
@kemacopa No problem. If you do decide to create a blog, you should create it in your app website. That way, the content will help you direct traffic towards your website.
@post66app :) thanks...I'll check out your social media sharing tool!
@kemacopa Thank you, much appreciated!
@kemacopa Try social media marketing, that's the easiest way I guess. To put content production and posting on autopilot you can use
@kemacopa We've just launched our app today so we don't have much traction but it was built just for your case! At you could offer some discount or rewards for using your app. It would get users attention. If you are curious you can check our campaign at PH
@christophrmite Thanks so much Christopher and I'll definitely check out your campaign and app :) Mine is
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