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Dan LeveilleProduct Marketing, DeviantArt

What are the best products created entirely by a team of one?

As a developer who enjoys working alone, it's always inspiring to see awesome products created entirely by a team of one. What are some products you use or know of?
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    Nomad List 1.0

    The best cities to live and work remotely

    Mohammed RafyAll things Community Β· Written
    As per your question, this was built by just one developer and this product was profitable from very first day.
  2. 29
    Indie Hackers

    Learn how developers are writing their own paychecks

    Joshua DanceEngineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker Β· Written
    Indie Hackers is built by one guy, but it is also a collection of other great products made by independent makers, often 1 person.
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    Stardew Valley

    A Phenomenal Open-Ended Country-Life RPG

    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    This game was created by one developer over a period of about 4 years. It's grossed over an estimated $20 mil USD since its release last year.
    Dan LeveilleProduct Marketing, DeviantArt Β· Written
    I was going to recommend this too. Was blown away when I realized that everything was created by one developer -- programming, graphics, music, everything! Insane!
  4. DannyFounder @ ibericode Β· Written
    A plugin to connect your WordPress site with your MailChimp account. Built by just me in late 2013 from a hospital bed in Vietnam (I had acute appendicitis). It's being used on 800.000+ sites, grossed $4.000 in its first month and is now at ~$40k per month. It's still just me taking care of everything, with a little help to handle first level support queries.
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Built by @ajlkn, this is an amazing tool to build landing and marketing pages, portfolios, and simple websites, without having to code.
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    I recently used Carrd to create a single page website. It took 10 minutes to create and customize, much better for this use case than Squarespace and other large companies. I'm impressed it was built by one guy: @ajlkn.
  6. Mitch ColleranFounder at Join It Β· Written
    Mitch Colleran made this product
    A simple SaaS solution for medium-sized nonprofits to manage their members. Currently, only a single full-time employee (yours truly! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ ). I started this journey back in September 2016 -- and choosing to bootstrap the company on my own has been my best professional decision to-date. :)
  7. 2

    An elegant writing tool for web

    Rohan Vijay made this product
    Super easy to use tool I built for myself which I never knew would be used by so many others :)
  8. Marcus Frind bootstrapped PoF and ran the company on his own for several years. He sold it for $575 million.
  9. 3

    In-app user feedback for free

    Philip ManavopoulosFounder, Doorbell.io Β· Written
    Philip Manavopoulos made this product
    Doorbell is also a 1 person team, I've been working on it for the past 3.5-4 years :)
  10. Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit Β· Written
    This guy curated all best developer books by crawling stackoverflow with tags and categories. I am really amazed, how such a simple project is helpful for so many people. He has also put up a post on medium to used affiliate marketing on Amazon to get few bucks out of it.
  11. James WelchCEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk Β· Written
    James Welch made this product
    Disclosure - It's by me! But this is an app that helps you to visually bookmark articles and web pages with a great tagging system.
  12. 1

    Easily create a professional press kit for your startup

    Wolfram N. MΓΌllerFounder of PressKitHero Β· Written
    Wolfram N. MΓΌller made this product
    A tool that helps startups do their own PR. I like it, because it pays my rent :)
  13. 1

    Sit back. Relax. Explore faraway places. Enjoy the music.

    Taylor CraneProduct @ Hello Alfred Β· Written
    Taylor Crane made this product
    Disclaimer: I'm biased, I built Hyperlax :D I too feel inspired by teams of one. Not every product/business can be built by a team of one, but when it's possible, it's great!
  14. 1

    Stay motivated to write, and finish your story

    JesperBylundFounder, BlankPage.io Β· Written
    JesperBylund made this product
    Built by me (@jesperbylund) alone over the last two years. I help authors stay motivated and writing, to get more people to finish their dream novel. :)
  15. Angelos Chalaris made this product
    I built mini.css and I worked alone on it. A couple of people contributed a few extras and ideas on the Github repo, but still I developed the whole thing pretty much on my own.
  16. 1
    Overcast 3.0

    A powerful yet simple podcast player

    Jeff BoweniOS/Web Developer Β· Written
    β€œI run Overcast with no other employees, no VC funding, and a sustainable work-life balance (hopefully) so I can spend enough time with my family.” – Marco Arment from https://overcast.fm/contact