What's the fastest way to capture and share quick screencap video?

I send a lot of videos for customer support purposes, and I'm looking for a fast and easy way to share video of my screen with others.
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    loomSDK beta

    The record button for the internet

    Sydney Liu
    Sydney LiuCo-Founder of Commaful.com · Written
    Definitely this tool right here. The team behind it is amazing and the product is super easy to use
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    I will recommend CloudApp a hundred times because I swear it's the best option out there for just about every screen capture request, whether it's recording GIFs, videos, or just pictures. It's so easy to download / share the results as well! I couldn't live without it.
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    Jumpshare for Mac

    Incredibly fast, real-time file sharing

    Jeff Weisbein
    Jeff WeisbeinPR. Comms. Strategy. NFTs. · Written
    I use Jumpshare Plus. Let's you record up to 5 minute screencasts and will upload them/host them. It also lets you easily share screenshots and other files. Find it here: https://jumpshare.com/ -- they have a free version too, limits screencasts to 30 seconds though. Plus is $99/year.
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    Record animated GIF screencasts

    Ria Blagburn
    Ria BlagburnHead of Transformation, Vanti · Written
    Not the prettiest of products, but it's pretty lightweight and does the job if GIFs will suffice!