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What's an app with which I can manage my employee's time and productivity?

I am looking for an application with which I can track what my employees are working on, to measure their productivity so that I can appraise them better.
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    Taskade for Chrome & Firefox

    Turn your new tab into a team checklist, note, outline ⚡️✏️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    You can create a team workspace on Taskade, and easily track and share task lists, notes, asynchronously or in real-time.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Patrick SchüllerMarketing/SEO @Zenkit · Written
    Zenkit allows you to view Kanban swimlanes, so you can view task progress by employee. This makes it easy to quickly see how your project is progressing, who has a little too much on their plate, and who's looking for more tasks to tackle. Additionally, you can view all of your team member's tasks across projects using the 'My Team' feature, so you can quickly see who's working on what, all in one place.
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    NaeemFounder @ ContentFly · Written
    Not 360 feedback, but there's no better tool for managing/analyzing time and productivity.
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    Performance management for growing companies

    Julie ChabinHead of Product Design at Product Hunt · Written
    I would recommend Lattice for this. Check it out. It will help with setting goals, giving feedback and the review process with your employees.
  5. Andrei ȚițCX | Product Marketing · Written
    Andrei Țiț made this product
    I'd go with Paymo in this case. The platform allows your employees to track time individually and divide it into billable vs. non-billable time. This way you can better determine their productivity, which will be displayed as a burn-down graph at their profile level. You can also schedule them in advance for specific tasks, and see who's overbooked or available for future projects through the help of a visual booking timeline. There's no more need to operate in darkness and overburden your key employees, as you have a bird-eye view over the whole team activity. In addition, you can export the bookings into the Timesheets area to cut on admin time.
    Alexandra CoteGrowth Marketing Manager @Wynter · Written
    Because you might be looking for a Team Scheduling app with time-tracking capabilities and project management software features.
  6. TMetric is a perfect fit for your request. It allows you to monitor working activity of the employees, TMetric provides you with detailed information in form of flexible reports, just select the required one and get all the necessary information
    great app
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah WhiteMarketing Manager · Written
    Tonkean would be a great tool for this use case. You can track virtually anything in it. I would suggest creating Lists for each of the teams you're responsible for and then create Tracks for each team member. I might also create Inner Tracks for each item they're responsible for. So, it would look something like this - 1. Marketing > Anna -----> Social Media -----> Blogs > Jake ----->Events ----->Sales Collateral 2. Communications >Jared -----> Press Releases >Hannah -----> C-Suite PR You can even tie in your outside business tools to track performance and other important metrics for each person and/or responsibility. The magic of Tonkean is that your team no longer has to give you status updates. All they have to do is respond to our AI-powered chatbot via (Teams, Slack or email) and the context will be provided in your dashboard. So, it's like your favorite management tool with a layer of automation added on top. You'll be amazed at all the time you will save because you're no longer tracking people down for status updates and important information. They periodically respond to Tonkean from their favorite app and all you have to do is monitor your dashboard and lead your team. Say goodbye to the coordination work that takes up so much of a manager's time. There are number of templates that I think would be relevant to you, available here:
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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Chris Allan LiCreator of Smarthash for Instagram · Written
    No muss and no fuss, automatically categorizes the type of websites/apps that your employees are using into how productive they are and actually gives you a productivity score of their day/week/month. Super easy to use and highly customizable.
    Deepika SinghMarketing lady at work · Written
    I use Rescue Time . and I totally love it. I am my own benchmark and i can't cheat that.. ( and no, nobody asked me to write this here)
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    Professional Task Management

    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    it's an app that has everything you are looking for, not only can you track time but you can track in what resources your time is going into. You can start by building a project and attaching tasks to each project you create all tasks are tracked by time worked on my pressing the play button when you start, and pause when you stop. All tasks have an estimated work effort attached to them along with the estimated due date.
    Great app for managing tasks from multiple inputs and allocate to the team. Easy to create tags that will enable detailed reporting by employee, team, client, project, etc
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    Workflows & process management for startups

    Matheus FalcãoFront-End Developer · Written
    Pipefy is too powerful and can be used to many types of process because it's versatile and fits to its use.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    BrittDigital Marketing & Ecommerce · Written
    Great visibility and transparency amongst teams. Easy for teams to keep track their tasks as well l as share whats n their plate before taking on more work. Assign, label, add due dates. archive and track velocity.
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    1-on-1 Meeting Assistant

    Have the best 1-on-1 meetings with your team.

    Shay HoweCo-founder of Lead Honestly · Written
    Shay Howe made this product
    Lead Honestly is my go to for team management, specifically as a leader. It helps facilitate all of our 1-on-1 meetings, provides a pulse of how the team is doing, and tracks action items we need to do.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Mike made this product
    - IC Project for base organization, - IC Project for task management, - IC Project for team communication, - IC Project for clients, - IC Project with Google Docs for content and spreadsheets, - IC Project integration with Google Drive for files, - IC Project editor for notes, - IC Project for time tracking/logging.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Nora ConradOwner of · Written
    You can see how much they get done and even follow their karma level. Asana is another great option.
  15. Matt LovatoMarketing team leader · Written
    Matt Lovato made this product
    Samepage is an excellent tool for managing marketing team projects. Its task management tools are a powerful part of its real-time collaborative core, so you'll be able to see the progress your team is making in a live environment. It handles rich content co-creation beautifully, has great group chat and video communication tools, and makes file sharing easy. It also integrates with Zapier, so it'll consolidate most of your marketing team's workflows and help you monitor progress without having to hop between multiple apps.
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    Social enterprise platform

    You can track time for each task or project you are working on and use this data to bill your clients directly from Bitrix24 CRM. Also has employee time tracking. Under this scenario, you require Bitrix24 CRM users to start and finish their workday. You can specify latest clock-in time, earliest clock-out time and the minimum required workday duration. Supervisors are automatically alerted about any worktime violation. This data can later be used payroll calculations
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr is a team work planner that will help you balance your team work life. You can delegate tasks to your team and track them in real-time. Also, you can see at the calendar how busy is everyone by day and week.
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    Crew 5.0

    Group messaging, shift schedule, tasks

    Chris Messina🏆 #1 Hunter! · Written
    Depending on your use case — Crew is specifically designed for shift workers. It's not in the same vein as some of the other recommendations here, but is worth looking into!
  19. Nandini SharmaAssistant Marketing Manager · Written
    With ProofHub all of your clients, staff members and projects stay in a central place and can access the project discussions, files, milestones, to-do lists, etc. You get full control to manage which clients and staff members can access the specific projects. With this tool, you can easily communicate and collaborate on projects, manage files, contacts, milestones, to-do's, comments and proof files & documents. Also, track time spent by team members on tasks and projects with ProofHub's time tracking tool. This help you to increase the productivity of your employees.
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    Automatic time tracking for your Mac

    Joel Van DorpCustomer Success Consultant @Bannerwise · Edited
    - Combines automatic time tracking with manual (runs actively in background) - Adjusts productivity statistics based on rules you previously applied to projects. - Doesn't require actively marking the start and stop times for projects. - Records time spent per application per segment of time. - Drag and drop projects or tasks assignments to designated tags - Expansive reporting that can be exported in multiple formats - Main con preventing this from being ideal for teams or employee time tracking is it appears to only focus on an individual's productivity and doesn't support projects for groups. (Overall I prefer this over Toggl, which requires manual effort. This app also comes with Setapp)