Neap Nic
Neap NicCo-founder of

Is there any online tool to download any website entirely including images, css and js?

That should include single page apps
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    Website Downloader

    Download source code from any website

    By the sound of it this should do everything you need. Really easy to use too.
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    • Andrew Jarecki
      Andrew JareckiDesigner & Illustrator

      Starting to think this is a scam. These people stopped responding to my support requests a long time ago (paying user). I have a recurring payment with them that I don't know how to turn off. Be warned

    • I am having an issue with downloading i purchased a year membership but am regularly getting prompted to pay or simply unable to get past the download spinning icon.

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    Crawlable HTML snapshots for SPAs

    saravananFounder of alertfor and taskbloom · Written
    This app helps you one part of your req.
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