Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Founder

What are the best tools for marketing automation in 2018?

What tools can you recommend for automating marketing tasks in a startup? Thanks ahead for recomendations :)
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  1. Apostolis Lianos
    Apostolis LianosGrowth Marketer / Startup enthusiast · Written
    They are specialized in eCommerce (eCommerce Manager here!). I used them for 2 ecommerce projects so far and I was delighted both times. They have great product and really-really good support team, they also provided a dedicated consultant to help us during onboarding.
  2. 3

    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Keri Byrne
    Keri ByrneProduct Evangelist · Written
    Big fan of Zapier. It lets you automate work between 1000+ apps. We use Zapier a lot because it saves us lots of time and keep processes organized. Some examples of how we use it:
  3. 1

    Find emails + phone numbers of businesses

    There is nothing better than AeroLeads for sales and prospecting solution. It has been designed to provide highly accurate data and contact details for your business and also integrated with CRM like Fresh sales, Pipedrive, Salesforce etc. which help a user to manage their sales and marketing records. It's a great solution for SMBs!