Thomas McMahonSenior Software Engineer, The Nerdery

Looking for a Mac time tracking/logging app.

Long ago I found Finch for Mac that sits in the background and keeps track of what apps I was in and what the window titles were. It logged everything so I could look back at any date/time and see what I was doing. Example: October 4th at 4:19 pm I was in PHPStorm fixing a client's CSS. I didn't have to start anything but the app, I didn't have to assign things to a client, it just logged every window title change with a timestamp. Example: App Store: Now Finch still works and you can still get it in the App Store but the app hasn't been updated since 2011 and I worry about it working with every Mac update. So far so good, but I'm looking for alternatives. I've looked at other time tracking apps but they require you to do so much work to organize your time or start and stop a timer. I don't want that, I just want it to track everything so I can look back and know what I was doing. Show me a log and I can do the rest. I deal with a lot of context switching​ throughout a day and I just need a log of my activity so I can figure out how to fill in my timesheet at the end of a day. Any suggestions?
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Has a decent mac app + chart and synchronization
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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Jean FriesewinkelSerial maker, most recently @gitshot · Written
    RescueTime is a really solid product that has been available for years and reliably tracking my desktop productivity. It logs activities silently in the background, and you can come back to it later to see what you were working on. It used to have automatic project tracking (automatically assigning activities to clients based on keywords), but unfortunately that's no longer available AFAIK.
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    Automatic time tracking for freelancers and teams.

    Jean FriesewinkelSerial maker, most recently @gitshot · Written
    I've recently discovered Timely and its "Memory" feature (which relies on a Desktop client for logging activities, capturing window/tab titles, just like RescueTime) seems like it could help further for producing timesheets, as it offers a nicer workflow for turning the raw "Memory" logs into total hours worked for a given client.
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    Timing 2

    Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac.

    Thomas McMahonSenior Software Engineer, The Nerdery · Written
    I was able to get Timing 2 in a bundle at a great price and it turns out they have what I'm looking for. Not as nice as it does so many other things too, but it works. Still testing other apps too though.