PipeDrive CRM

Effortless pipeline management.

Nick O'Neill
Nick O'NeillMaker & Marketer · Written
You add a single custom field and immediately have tags. I've tried all of the CRMs and various combinations but what I love about Pipedrive is that: 1. You can integrate with Zapier (just like Airtable and the others) 2. Their email integration with Gmail enables you to create a filtered "pipeline inbox" 3. You can have tags :) I definitely think it's a requirement. 4. Their mobile app is one of the best. Seriously, how can you have a CRM that's not on mobile? I will add that Airtable has much more powerful Zapier integrations than Pipedrive. For whatever reason, a lot of the Pipedrive endpoints haven't been added so there are definitely edge cases that won't work easily. However for the most part, it's the best one on the market.
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