What are some good alternatives to Upwork?

I really like working with international talent which is why I use Upwork. But lately, there's so noise and clutter that I have to navigate to find the right fit for my projects. I created Kriya AI for hiring people for building product sprints but wondering what y'all use for marketing, sales etc.
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    Coding Ninjas

    Dump your tasks on trusted developers

    Aleksandr Volodarsky made this product
    All the developers are pre-vetted The turnaround time is amazing
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    Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

    Dima Bas Basov
    Dima Bas BasovWeb researcher, Bitcoin enthusiast · Written
    Use it for small projects.
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    Marketplace of dev/design talent where talent picks work.

    Jordan Gonen
    Jordan Gonentrying my best. · Written
    Check out crew! Super cool way to find tons of talent
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    Kriya AI

    Find relevant professionals and write smart email intros

    Greg Wisenberg
    Greg WisenbergOutbound @ Personas · Written
    Kriya AI is great if you're looking for product talent (engineers/designers) or business talent (sales/marketing/mentors). It's as simple as picking what you need and Kriya spits out a perfect team ready to work for you within 30 minutes.
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    James Hunt
    James HuntEntrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder. · Written
    I am a fan of People Per Hour, it seems to have a UK/Europe focus, which means there is some great talent on there, at reasonable prices, and a lot less noise.
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    Angat.io - Remote Tech Hubs made easy
    Vasyl Davydko
    Vasyl DavydkoAngat.io - Remote Tech Hubs made easy · Written
    Upwork is often oriented towards short-term work or one-off projects. Angat.io aims to solve the problem of short-term focus of platform like Upwork and,instead of having part time dedication with freelancers, you can build a full remote Tech Hub of software engineers (all candidates are pre-vetted) in a location like Philippines or Ukraine