Ernest Semerda
Ernest SemerdaCofounder of (YC W17)

What is truly the best productivity app?

One you use at least twice per day for few months now and has had a dramatic impact on how you get stuff done.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Evan Kimbrell
    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick · Written
    Taskade is simple, flexible, and super fun. Documents in Taskade can be displayed and edited in various views, from task list and kanban board to mind map... and it's free for teams.
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    Elizabeth Alli
    Elizabeth AlliMindful Product Designer · Written
    This app is life changing! It's like Evernote on steroids. Notion is a pretty incredible and powerful tool for project (and in general, life) management. The ability to mold content exactly to my needs and map to my mental model with simple blocks and database connections has increased my productivity and sanity exponentially! Here's how I harness it for product design
    FerminrpProduct @ belo · Written
    All in one tool
    Mathieu Croset
    Mathieu CrosetDesigner 👋 Technology enthusiast 🚀 · Written
    Game changer.
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    Airtable Interface Designer

    Create custom interfaces to fit your team's specific needs

    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Airtable is great for organizing all kinds of data. Personal CRM, shopping list, work projects etc. It feels like the next generation of Excel.
    I use Airtable for everything from automagically tracking my day to planning a television series that I'm writing.
    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Toss up between Airtable & Notion, depending on your use case.
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    Take better notes, your way

    Nancy Hamilton
    Nancy HamiltonUser Experience Designer · Written
    I've actually have been using an app called NoteLedge on the daily basis for managing my to-do lists, appointments and general notes. I like that everything I create in the app syncs across all of my devices and I can add notes to my Google calendar right away. It just helps me to stay on track of taking care of all my day-to-day activities when I'm busy running around.
    Plus one to NoteLedge!
    Michael Sharp
    Michael SharpJava Software Engineer · Written
    Interesting design and tools. Very easy to use and keep things organized. I feel like my productivity has increased as well and since now I'm keeping a daily schedule, I'm more motivated.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Bryan M. Blanchot
    Bryan M. BlanchotMarketing Technologist from the Gen Z · Written
    Todoist is great to organise all your upcoming tasks, if you combine the power of the tool with one of the productivity methodologies like GTD it's almost guaranteed to make you more productive
    Millie Lin
    Millie LinProduct Designer · Written
    Great app that I've been a premium plan user for more than two years. Before Todoist I was on while some design and feature couldn't meet my requirement. Todoist is the one which helps me focus on daily tasks and easily work around among multiple projects (work, life, read later ...) as my habit.
    I've been using Todoist for a while now as a free app. It limits the functionality as in you can't see the list of your completed tasks, but has greatly helped me have a proper workflow. I use it in conjunction with Ultidash chrome extension. Ultidash bring Todoist integration on Chrome new page. This helps me to maintain focus on the important stuff to do and in the right order. Other times I can check the synced list of todos on my phone.
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    A simple and beautiful app for 1:1s and team meetings 👏

    Hiba Amin
    Hiba AminMarketing @ TestBox · Written
    When most of your time is spent in meetings, it's extremely crucial that those meetings are productive. If they're not... you're going to end up having more meetings about meetings and get nothing done. SoapBox is a free one-on-one and team agenda tool and having recently started using it, I can confidently say that my meetings have been 10x more productive. SoapBox allows you to: 💻 Collaborate on shared meeting agendas 📝 Take notes, comment and summarize what you discuss (as you discuss!) 📧 Automatically email meeting notes 🏃‍♀️ Add next steps and action items 🕐 Revisit past one-on-one, team meetings and discussions 📅 Sync meetings with your calendar 🧐 Spark conversations with the SoapBox question suggester 🔗 Integrate with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google 📌 Have a personalized home page with all upcoming meetings, action items and more in one central place 📚Access a library of 40+ tried and tested agenda templates from other awesome managers Check out more ways SoapBox can supercharge 🚀 your meetings here:
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    You can take a look at Zenkit. It's a powerful tool to get things done, both for private usage and collaboration with teams! (Mobile app/ Desktop app/ Web version available)
    Zenkit it is. With the beautiful and aesthetic design, along with the chance for the users to make their own default view of the plan (including Kanban view, which I love; Hierarchy, List, and even Mindmap). You can also create numerous Workspaces and Collections. Last but definitely never the least - the adorable themes.
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    Easily create forms as beautiful as you

    Paperform helps me to create good-looking online forms and pages that collect data, payments, and thanks to integrations — automate whole business processes.
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    Self Control (Mac)

    Avoid distracting websites

    James Hunt
    James HuntEntrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder. · Written
    Block distracting websites is one of my main ways to be more productive and force myself to work. Self Control for Mac is free, and is an amazing bit of software. Been a daily staple for me for a few years.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Like Google Docs on steroids (in a good way). Currently managing all of my team's work there, powerful but lightweight.
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Try Toggl. You can easily manage your time using this hassle-free productivity app.
    Brittany Payne
    Brittany PayneSenior Software Developer · Edited
    Good app to track time!
    George Sutton
    George SuttonFront-End Software Engineer · Written
    Good upp!
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    Analytics on your daily habits and productivity

    Jordan Gonen
    Jordan Gonentrying my best. · Written
    It is hard to know if you are being unproductive without the data! RescueTime is super easy to use and really helpful for understanding how you spend your time.
    Nima Gardideh
    Nima GardidehCo-Founder – Pearmill · Written
    Productively is usually about productivity. RescueTime has helped me figure out where I'm wasting my time and try to cut those out as opposed to finding some silver lining in a todo list app.
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    Atlas Recall

    A searchable photographic memory for your digital life

    Atlas Recall remembers everything you've seen on your Mac and everywhere you've been, and gives you the ability to search for anything. It's like Spotlight but with super powers. Highly useful.
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    Troop Messenger
    Best Collaboration app...
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    anu radha
    anu radhaBusiness Development Executive · Written
    Troop Messenger for sure! It is definitely my all time favorite productivity app.
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    Automatic time tracking for your Mac

    If you are serious about improving your productivity, you need to measure it first. That's why my app Timing automatically tracks how you spend time on your Mac. That way, you can later see how much time you spent procrastinating, e.g. on Facebook. By the way, I'm currently working on a brand-new version (with e.g. a productivity score), launching next month. You can sign up for the beta at
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    Automatic productivity & time tracking for macOS

    Ivan Mir
    Ivan Mirindie app developer · Edited
    Ivan Mir made this product
    While I'm the developer of the app, Qbserve definitely improved my productivity a lot. Seeing the performance in real-time right in the menu bar helped me become more focused and reach 180-190 productive hours a month (initially it was something like 120h).
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    Meeting agendas, action items, & feedback– all in one place!

    Manuela Bárcenas
    Manuela BárcenasHead of Marketing @ · Written
    Manuela Bárcenas made this product
    If you want to have more productive meetings, you should check out! Thousands of teams at companies like Shopify, SurveyMonkey, and Keeptruckin use Fellow to increase their productivity. Here's a quote from Sabrina Leblanc, Director of Sales at Surveymonkey 🐵: "Fellow is a game-changing app! It’s helped increase my productivity and has resulted in more collaborative one-on-ones and team meetings. My team members love being able to capture their own agenda items. With the Outlook and Slack integrations, I get prompted to add talking points ahead of time, which is super handy when I’m jumping from one meeting to the next. Fellow has developed a tool that actually drives accountability and focus across teams!" These are some of the features that will boost your meeting productivity 👇 📝 Collaborate on meeting agendas to keep meetings short, focused, and organized. ✅ Assign action items to give every meeting a clear purpose and keep everyone accountable for their tasks. 💾 Save meeting templates for recurring meetings (which saves a lot of time). 👍 Ask for feedback to make sure that all your meetings are always productive. You can learn more about Fellow's meeting feature here:
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    The e-signature solution for your business

    Christopher Watts
    Christopher WattsSoftware Development Engineer · Written
    If you're talking about productivity in business, I always recommend having a decent e-signature app at your disposal. It definitely boosts my productivity, and the app I started using just recently - DottedSign, has been nothing but great for me. I really like that you're able to use it both on your phone (an an app) and there's a browser version available as well. My signing tasks are accomplished at a faster rate, I'm less stressed about documents being signed on time and overall, it's a no-brainer for increasing your productivity and how you go about getting things signed.
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Vazgen Badalyan
    Vazgen BadalyanDirector of Product Management · Written
    This might be an obvious one for some people, however it's worth a mention. Information management hub for me.
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    Quire 2.0

    A redefined task manager for your teams

    Peggy Chang made this product
    - FREE! - list view with endless tasks and subtasks - kanban board - multiple assignees - comments area, update in real-time, allowing me to discuss matters with teammates - set due dates - add tags, great for organizing tasks (filtering and sorting) - migrate from other tools: Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc.